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We are the rebels

We are world class athletes with world class fans, all using world class equipment. And just look at what you get when you join this winning team.

Free Pro Membership

The first 10.000 sign ups will get the Pro membership in the Rebels App for free.

Unique experiences

Enjoy money can’t buy events and experiences.

Exclusive discounts

Kit yourself out in the latest Rebels gear for less.

The history makers

We are the racers, the meticulous obsessionists. We deal in millimetres and microseconds, living for speed. We are the fans, hanging on every turn, unfaltering in our support on the good days and the bad. You can’t beat us, so why not join us. Together we are the greatest force.

What is the REBELS club?

There are 3 essential elements to the Rebels Club. Each element depends on one another and is united by the same passion and goals.

The fastest racers

Too many accolades to recall, too many trophies to count, the WorldCup Rebels are simply some of the fastest, most inspiring athletes in the world.

The most passionate fans

Shoulder to shoulder with their fellow rebels, they share the glory and the pain, together. The athletes believe this passionate support is worth seconds on the race clock.

The most advanced equipment

No brand pushes the boundaries of what is possible with ski design more than head. For over 50 years, head has been the equipment choice of world champions.

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