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Expert Reviews of the HEAD BOOM 2022

Living up to its name, our new BOOM tennis racquet series has had a big impact on expert reviewers across the tennis world.


Players don't have to think about anything other than enjoying the moment and hitting tennis balls with the BOOM. That’s why we're thrilled that, in many of the first video reviews of the BOOM MP and BOOM PRO, the word that kept coming up was "fun". Reviewers noted how it's easy to play with the first two racquets in the BOOM series, which offer power as well as comfort and feel. When you've got all that in a racquet, how can you not enjoy yourself on the tennis court?


Reviews for BOOM MP

Tennis Nerd:

"Really had fun hitting with it," said the reviewer. "First impressions of the BOOM MP are very positive. I was very happy to play with the BOOM MP. I just enjoyed it so much. That's a sign that this racquet line is heading in the right direction and will likely be a success. These racquets will appeal to a lot of players.


The BOOM MP has a good balance of power, comfort and some control. Two thumbs up from me. Really enjoyed this frame. This is one of the best easy-to-use racquets that I've tried in a while. Definitely check it out if that sounds like something you would like."


The reviewer felt as though he got "free power" as well as comfort with the BOOM MP. He predicted the BOOM series could be a "bestseller" for HEAD.


"I think HEAD has really hit the nail on the head with the BOOM line-up. The more I played with this racquet, the more I enjoyed it, so that's a good sign. I liked the easy power with the BOOM MP. Very effortless to swing, with the low-swing weight and pretty head light feel. Just a very enjoyable experience."


Tennis Warehouse: 

"If you're looking for something that's going to give you a lot of fun and playability, I definitely think the BOOM MP is worth looking at," said one reviewer.


“This one was really exciting, really fun to use actually. I found that straightaway this one was really forgiving, really easy to use, especially on the groundstrokes. It was actually quite powerful but one thing that really stood out for me was its stability for its weight. I hit some bombs when serving.”


Another reviewer had a blast with the BOOM MP. “I had a lot of fun testing the new BOOM MP. I was comfortable with this racquet after just a few shots.


The racquet is very easy to play with as it has a large sweetspot and it’s very forgiving. With the large head and open string pattern, I get a lot of power and spin in my groundstrokes.


It also helped me to return aggressively from close to the baseline. The BOOM helped me to get more spin on the ball when serving. The BOOM MP is a great option for anyone looking for a racquet with plenty of spin and power with great manoeuvrability.”


One reviewer was particularly taken by the softness.


“The first thing I noticed when I started hitting balls with this BOOM MP was how soft it felt. It felt really comfortable in all areas of the string-bed, inside and outside of the sweetspot. Mishits weren’t too jarring,” according to the expert. “I was also very impressed by the amount of power I was getting.


Often racquets that are that comfortable don’t offer free power like this BOOM MP was from the baseline. Good power off my volleys. I really enjoyed the free power when serving. Overall, if you’re a player who wants an easy-to-use, powerful, spin-friendly racquet with loads of comfort, you should check this out.”


Reviews for BOOM PRO

Tennis Warehouse:

"All in all, a super-fun play test," commented one reviewer, who also suggested there was something "magical" about the racquet.



"Let your tennis game explode with the new BOOM PRO. As the heaviest member of the BOOM family, this PRO version will allow players to swing with confidence. The feel at contact is forgiving. If you're an all-court intermediate or advanced player looking for controllable power, this might be your perfect match. From the very first hit this racquet falls right into the guilty pleasure category for me. Really great plush feel at contact, large sweetspot and I was rewarded with super-easy depth, and there's something magical as there were several times when I thought my balls were going out and the ball just kind of [landed] right inside that baseline. I loved hitting with this racquet. Really fun to tee off on returns."


Another reviewer "loved the feel and connectivity" of the BOOM PRO. "Just a really plush feel to it. I can really control the placement of my shots. Really enjoyed this one at net, hitting some nice touch volleys with it. It's fast, it's easy to get around, but there's just enough mass there to keep it rock solid. For me, the standout feature is the feel I had from all areas. Really fun play test, really nice racquet, definitely recommend it."


Tennis Spin:

'When you hit it in the sweetspot, the ball just rockets," noted one reviewer. "I like this racquet a lot. It's got a flex to it that's comfortable yet predictable."


Another reviewer spoke of the "really solid overall feel throughout the whole racquet". "It's got easy power and great feel. Give it a shot. If you're looking for a stick with more power, this is definitely a good racquet to try."

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