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Expert Reviews of Sprint Pro 3.5 and Revolt Pro 4.0

Thinking of investing in a new pair of tennis shoes? You might want to listen to Marin Cilic, who endorses HEAD's tennis footwear collection. As well as watch the video reviews by independent experts, who have been play-testing and praising HEAD's two main tennis shoes for 2022, the Sprint Pro 3.5 and Revolt Pro 4.0. 


We are pleased to say that the reviews were positive for the Sprint Pro 3.5, which combines lightweight performance with modern, breathable comfort and is ideal for attacking players looking to move quickly around the court. As one reviewer put it, the Sprint Pro 3.5 "gives you a fast feeling" and is his favourite tennis shoe. Another called it "the epitome of a lightweight and speedy shoe". The reviewers were also complimentary about the Revolt Pro 4.0, which is built for performance and extreme durability, making it perfect for aggressive baseliners who are demanding on their footwear. As one expert said, you get "a ton of comfort" with this shoe. 


Reviews for the Sprint Pro 3.5



"I've been mainly wearing HEAD shoes for the last couple of years, and the Sprint Pro has become a favourite of mine. This is a bit of an update with some small improvements like reinforced areas. I like the Sprint Pro 3.5 because it's a low-to-the-ground shoe. It feels light and it's pretty fast but it's not flimsy. There's not much breaking in with these. I felt pretty ready from the get-go. Importantly for the summer months, they are breathable. I have tested this shoe a lot and it seems to be an improvement on the previous generation. I feel like the support and durability are a bit better. It's a shoe that gives you a fast feeling. This is my favourite tennis shoe."


Tennis Warehouse: 

"HEAD combines speed and support in this shoe. No breaking in time for me and very comfortable for me right out of the box. Cushioning was good for me. I felt connected to the court and could move confidently in them. Traction was good," said one reviewer.


Another expert described the Sprint Pro 3.5 as a shoe "for the player who wants a lightweight, speed-oriented feel", as it's "a nice, low-to-the-ground ride" and is "very well-ventilated". One expert said it is "the epitome of a lightweight and speedy shoe", and "my favourite part of the play test was just how fast I could accelerate in and out of shots". "Top notch," said another reviewer. "If you're looking for a lightweight shoe, speed-oriented, breathable and with great traction on pretty much any hard court, this is top notch. Performance is top notch, as is the durability for a lightweight shoe. Overall, a great play test." 


Reviews for Revolt Pro 4.0 

Tennis Warehouse (women's shoe): 

"I've long been a fan of HEAD shoes. I really like how these fit my feet. I also like the traction level on these shoes and how they were pretty quiet as I moved around the hard court. I was really impressed with the speed of these shoes while maintaining good durability and stability," one reviewer said. 


Another expert reported that the Revolt Pro 4.0 offered "a ton of comfort". "It felt a little bit lighter, faster and more responsive, which I love. I enjoyed the fit and feel of the upper. A great update from HEAD and excited to keep wearing this shoe. For me the shining feature was the durability. I wore the shoe for 10 to 12 hours and saw little to no wear. It felt a bit quicker than the previous iteration. Players looking for a really comfortable, stable and comfortable shoe should check this out." 


Foot Doctor Zach:

"Of all the new shoes in 2022, this is the one that has intrigued me the most. I was excited to see how HEAD had built on their innovative midsole system. It's an interesting shoe to look at. The upper has more stability. It's a super-durable upper while being very breathable, allowing heat and sweat to escape. It's a very intuitive design in the midsole. It's got everything you need and nothing you don't,” he said.


“This shoe allows for light, nimble footwork. I really like these for serve-and-volleyers and doubles players, especially higher-level doubles players. There's a springboard effect with the midsole, allowing you to get in the air. The shoe is more stable than previous versions. Very durable for a minimalist shoe. If you're someone who plays outdoors in super-hot and humid conditions, and still wants a really fast, speedy shoe, I really don't think it gets much better than this shoe. It just breathes better than most shoes out there, and it's light and quick. It's a lot more durable than its competitors." 


Tennis Warehouse (men's shoe):

"I tested these shoes for hours and they were really rock solid. Not a scratch on them. I would definitely recommend these," one reviewer said. Another tester described the Revolt Pro 4.0 as a "a very solid shoe" with "good" traction and "very good" side-to-side stability. 



"This is a high-end shoe. This is a roomy shoe. No breaking in at all. Just slide in and start playing. Comfort-oriented. Really focused on you feeling supported. And with good dampening on the court. It's heavier than the Sprint Pro 3.5. It's for players who are looking for stability and want a shoe that feels solid and stable. If you want ultimate comfort, the Revolt Pro 4.0 has a little bit more cushioning, comfort and dampening. It's a sturdy shoe. There's quite a lot of room in the shoe so your toes won't get jammed together. The arch is low and it feels good from the get-go." 

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