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Meet JOACHIM GERARD and SAM SHROEDER. They’re here to show you what they can do on a tennis court and it’s impressive, to say the least. Hardly surprising, when their shared philosophy is, a disability is never a brake but more of an accelerator. You’ve got to see this.

Tennis, In The Fast Lane

Wheelchair tennis is an amazing achievement. It showcases the resilience, determination and athleticism of athletes with physical disabilities. But, considering how accessible racquet sports are, maybe it’s no surprise that tennis is the perfect game for disabled players.


Some believe wheelchair tennis is the next big thing. It allows individuals with lower limb impairments to compete at the highest level in a sport that was once inaccessible to them.


Wheelchair tennis has also broken-down barriers and stereotypes associated with disability, demonstrating that individuals with physical impairments can lead active, fulfilling lives and compete at an elite level. It has also helped to promote greater accessibility and diversity in sports. Many wheelchair tennis players have disabilities such as paralysis, amputations, or cerebral palsy, which make it more challenging for them to move around the court. However, by playing wheelchair tennis, they can overcome these challenges and demonstrate their physical abilities.

Emilio Sanchez celebratingEmilio Sanchez celebrating


It’s worth bearing in mind, this form of the game requires a high level of skill and athleticism, with players having to manoeuvre their wheelchairs quickly while also hitting the ball accurately and with power. It requires a combination of physical and mental toughness, as players must adapt to the conditions of the court and their opponents. No mean feat from a sitting position! Before wheelchair tennis, people with physical disabilities were often excluded from mainstream sports. Wheelchair tennis has helped to break down these barriers and promote inclusion.


It has produced some truly inspiring athletes. Many wheelchair tennis players have overcome incredible challenges to achieve success on the court. Players like Esther Vergeer, who won 470 consecutive matches and seven Paralympic gold medals, are a testament to the power of hard work and determination.


Emilio Sanchez celebratingEmilio Sanchez celebrating


Wheelchair tennis players are an inspiration to many people with disabilities who may feel limited by their physical challenges. By seeing wheelchair tennis players excel on the court, they can be motivated to pursue their own dreams and overcome their own obstacles. When it comes to resilience, skill and never giving up, wheelchair tennis has a lot to teach all of us.


Emilio Sanchez celebratingEmilio Sanchez celebrating
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