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Line Up, It’s Time For Skill School.

With your host, world tennis champion John McEnroe. In Episode 1, John watches how two teams compete in agility skills, for the coveted Golden Racquet.

Is This One Of The Most Crucial Skills In Tennis, Padel And Pickleball? You Bet.

It’s time to work on your agility. These sports all require rapid movements and quick changes in direction. How’s your agility game?

Players need to be able to move around a tennis, padel or pickleball court with speed and precision to retrieve and hit the ball effectively.


Agility is also important because it’s helps to avoid injury. When players are agile, they’re better able to adjust their movements and avoid sudden jolts or twists, all the nasty stuff that can lead to muscle strains or worse.


The main benefit to getting on top of your agility is it helps you to maintain a strong position on court. You can quickly move to a good spot to hit the ball and then recover back to a strong defensive position, allowing you to control the game and dictate the pace of play.


Need a quick refresher? Off to Skill School with you.

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