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What's in a name?

We are refreshing the names of our racquet models. The first racquet silo to move to the new naming structure is the PRESTIGE 2021.

Choosing a racquet is a big and deeply personal decision for any tennis player; you want to feel as though you are selecting the one that's just right for you and your game. That's why we're refreshing the names of the models to help you to navigate the HEAD range and make a more informed decision. 

Our hope is that the new naming structure is clear and logical and will make it easier for you to understand how the racquets perform and what level of player they are designed for. We have organised the models within a silo into three segments: TournamentPerformance and Team.



The racquets in this first segment are created for professional players, as well as for advanced amateurs who are competing at a high level. 

New model names, with what they were previously called in brackets: PRO (PRO), TOUR (TOUR). 



These racquets are designed for what is probably the largest group of HEAD tennis players - the performance group. If you're playing for your club, or you're competing in occasional tournaments, or playing with your friends twice a week, you're in this group. You're always looking to play better tennis, and that desire to improve is reflected in the names of the racquets. The MP is our 'Main Performance' racquet, with the lighter version known as MP L. 

New model names, with what they were previously called in brackets: MP (MP), MP L (MP LITE). 



If you play occasionally, you have a weekly doubles match with As the name suggests, TEAM L is a lighter version of the TEAM model. 

New model names, with what they were previously called in brackets: TEAM (S), TEAM L (LITE). 


Making the change

The new naming structure will be introduced when we launch a new silo or release the next generation of racquets from an existing silo. 



There are four models in the PRESTIGE 2021 silo, with two from the Tournament segment - PRO and TOUR - and two from the Performance segment - MP and MP L (but none from the Team segment). Based on the playability of the racquets, we have reorganized this silo, switching some of the names around so you can understand how each model plays and how it compares with others. 

If you currently play with a PRESTIGE racquet and wish to buy a PRESTIGE 2021 model, here's how the name of your favourite racquet has changed:

prestige silo 2021 model namesprestige silo 2021 model names

The old MP is now the PRO.

The old PRO is now the TOUR.

The old TOUR is now the MP.

The old S is now the MP L. 

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