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Fit done right

Liquid Fit created the most precise mold in the most critical area of the boot, the ankle and the heel pocket. It's 100% flexible, 100% comfortable and delivers 100% performance, every time. There is no other boot customisation program that works like Liquid Fit.

Unique adjustable fit

When it feels right, it is right. Find just the perfect fit for you.

100 % Flexible

All it takes is a compatible boot and a few minutes to do. Liquid Fit is injected by a simple process into pockets in the boot lining.

100% Comfortable

Once the Liquid Fit sets (it takes only a few minutes) you’re good to go. The support around the critical ankle and heel area is superbly comfortable.

100% Performance

Liquid Fit is not only comfortable, it is highly effective. A better fit means better performance from the get go.

Available in more boots than ever before

Liquid Fit is available in a larger range of our boots than ever before. Look for yourself.



Discover the process

Watch how simple it is to elevate the performance of your boot.

Winter Collection

Winter Collection