The story behind the new RADICAL 2021

How HEAD developed the new RADICAL series

Pick up the new RADICAL 2021, take your first few swings at the ball, and you quickly appreciate the racquet's fresh, improved feel.


There's no shortage of newness, from the new mold to the new geometry, from the new technology to the new string pattern, as well as the new, vibrant and daring design that illustrates the racquet's modernity and innovation.

Fresh yet familiar is how to describe the new RADICAL 2021. It’s a RADICAL, but it’s not ‘too radical’, in that it’s not radically, drastically, unrecognisably different to what came before in the series. While you’ll immediately sense and love what’s new about this racquet, there's still a clear link to the racquets before it in the RADICAL series, going all the way back to the 1993 original, which was designed almost 30 years ago for Andre Agassi. With each racquet, HEAD keeps that strong RADICAL heritage alive. Importantly, this new racquet still feels like a RADICAL.


Evolution, not revolution

Even with a name like RADICAL, the story of the racquet's development is one of evolution rather than revolution. HEAD have created a racquet that still has the series' identity, characteristics and playability, but comes with a fresh twist.

The RADICAL 2021 will still appeal to those who have always favored the series. The new RADICAL is still designed for versatile, all-court players, and offers an ideal blend of power, control and spin, so there’s no shot you can’t play. The committed RADICAL players are going to love the new edition. But, for the first time, a new group of players - who hadn't previously chosen the RADICAL - will want to make the switch.

The People's Racquet 

Developing the new RADICAL involved four locations in four different countries, dozens of players, several prototypes, and two years of refinement. You might think of the new RADICAL as The People's Racquet, with consumer analysis from players in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and USA. Those players - which included some who were already using a RADICAL, and some who previously hadn't been so sure - tried out different versions of the racquet, offering feedback and doing qualitative interviews with HEAD's research and development team.

In addition to consumer analysis, HEAD also used swing analysis and laboratory analysis to create a new RADICAL to upgrade your game. Professional players also tested the RADICAL, offering their insights into how the racquet felt and performed.

New wider head shape

One of the lessons from the consumer analysis was that modern players would benefit from a slightly wider, more forgiving head shape. More and more players are using spin, and brushing over the ball, with the increased risk of hitting the frame and producing an error. Also, when players hit the ball off-centre, they tend to do so left and right rather than top and bottom.

The solution was to change the mold and the geometry. While the overall head size of the RADICAL 2021 is the same as the previous model, it's a rounder shape, with the width of the racquet slightly increased while the length of the head is reduced. Made from this new mold, the RADICAL also has an optimized cross section for improved stability and performance. 

New string pattern 

Every detail is closely and carefully considered in the RADICAL 2021, and with modern players increasingly hitting the ball towards the tip of the racquet, HEAD also modified the racquet’s string pattern.  

New Graphene 360+ technology

The feedback from players is that the RADICAL 2021 doesn't feel as stiff as previous models in the series. One of the ways that the feel of the RADICAL 2021 has been improved is with the introduction of the highly advanced Graphene 360+ technology. The combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers delivers enhanced flex and a clean impact feel.

New design and a new confidence 

The vibrant, daring design of the RADICAL 2021 - which is very different to the look of the previous racquets in the series - is going to demand your, and everyone else’s, attention. The bright orange, which is the signature color of the series, immediately signifies that this is a RADICAL, with the fresh, truly contemporary aesthetic perfectly in keeping with a racquet that has been reimagined for the modern, youthful player. All of HEAD’s Tour racquets have asymmetric color blocking on the shaft, and the RADICAL 2021 is no different, helping to give the brand its visual identity.

Radical CollectionRadical Collection

Such an appealing design also helps you, the player, to feel good about your racquet and your game, allowing you to produce your best tennis. 

Perhaps you already have a RADICAL in your racquet bag. Or maybe you’re new to the RADICAL, and haven’t been sure about the racquet in the past. Whichever group you’re in, HEAD believe you’ll love the new RADICAL 2021.