Expert Reviews of the HEAD RADICAL 2023

UPDATE 02/02/2023: Here at HEAD headquarters, we like to call the RADICAL 'the People's Racquet', on account of its versatility and playability

But don't just take our word for how easy it is to play with this racquet. Listen to the expert reviewers around the world, who have play-tested the upgraded RADICAL series for 2023. "Another hit from HEAD," observed one while others used adjectives such as "joyful", "stellar" and "amazing". 

It was thirty years ago that HEAD first launched the RADICAL and the racquet continues to wow the sport. For 2023, the RADICAL racquet series has been upgraded with state-of-the-art Auxetic technology that delivers sensational impact feel and increased confidence in your game. As part of the refresh, the RADICAL now has a fresh, bold and asymmetrical design. 

Tennis Warehouse

"Experienced players will appreciate the predictable power this racquet can generate," one reviewer said of the RADICAL PRO, which is made for all-court tournament players who love to mix it up. "This has always been one of my favorite racquets from HEAD and... with this Auxetic update, this is playing even more solid. This racquet was absolutely amazing, especially off my backhand. I loved hitting backhands. I felt like it was explosively fast yet still super stable and gave me a good amount of plow through. I felt really in command of my targeting. I loved it on serves. I could hit big first serves."

Another reviewer spoke of "a really nice update" to the RADICAL PRO. "I've always been a big fan of the RADICAL series. I was a huge fan of the previous version and I was super excited to hit with this one. Right off the bat, I noticed this racquet had better dampening and felt more solid... I got better plow through. I felt like I was hitting with more depth. I was able to dig my way out of defensive situations better. I had a little more pop on my serves. There was a bit more weight on my shots in general. Spin production was super nice on this one. I loved it at net. Super solid with the volleys and got plenty of touch and feel if I wanted to hit those sneaky angles or drop shots." 

"Fantastic," said a third reviewer. "Spin production was stellar... It's just a great all-court racquet.”

PH Tennis 

Impressed by the introduction of the Auxetic technology, the reviewers had good things to say about the new RADICAL. From "another hit from HEAD" to "very maneuverable and versatile” to “easy to pick up and play".

"Overall, if you're a RADICAL user, it's a definite improvement,” one reviewer said. “However, it's similar. You can tell it's the same family of racquet and that's great as you won't have to relearn a lot of different feelings and shots. But you'll generate a bit more power and be a bit more comfortable, especially when you start attacking more.”

Another reviewer said he was "sold" on the new RADICAL. "I really like it. Definitely an upgrade. It's going to be hard for me to move away from it now. I'm really on board with this Auxetic technology. It's so easy to swing compared to other frames and on contact it's right where I want it to be." Serving is "joyful", according to one reviewer. "Really nice, really easy. Straightaway on my first serve, I was getting some pop, getting some power," he said.

Tennis Express

"A big improvement from the previous generation," one reviewer said about the RADICAL MP, which is ideal for all-court performance players. "The Auxetic technology really softens the racquet up and makes it a lot more comfortable. And, in my opinion, makes it a lot more accessible to all players. This is a great racquet and gave me a whole lot of confidence in the court. I would recommend this racquet to an intermediate player. This racquet is very easy to use and there's a lot you can do with it, in terms of topspin, power and precision.”

Another reviewer noted that the Auxetic technology is "a really nice addition to this frame". "It's fast, easy to swing and really excels from all areas of the court. One of my favorite things about the RADICAL MP is that it's really easy to generate racquet speed if you don't have a lot of time. When I was rushed and felt as though I couldn't create any pace, a flick of the wrist and I felt as though I was right back to neutral and even in control of the rally. This racquet helps you feel connected to the ball while still maintaining comfort. The RADICAL MP is going to be a stand-out for those intermediate players who want a racquet that's very fast and very forgiving. All in all, it's a really nice update.”



Expert Reviews of the HEAD RADICAL 2021

"An absolute delight," was one expert's assessment of the new RADICAL 2021. Another reviewer described the new racquet in the RADICAL series - with its fresh, improved feel - as "a very creative frame that lets you play the tennis you like". 

"A very creative frame that lets you play the tennis you like". 

Across the tennis world, reviewers have been trying out the new RADICAL, which has plenty of newness, with its new mold and new geometry, as well as new technology and new string pattern, and a new, vibrant orange design. Here at HEAD's headquarters, we're delighted to tell you that the reviewers have enjoyed playing with the RADICAL 2021, and have urged you to buy it or give it a try. 


“A fantastic racquet - it feels good and stable," according to MY TENNIS HQ, which reviewed the RADICAL MP. “I think the MP is going to reach a really big audience. A lot of players are going to benefit from playing with this racquet. They’re going to be comfortable with it." 

The reviewer was "pleasantly surprised" by how the new RADICAL performed. "I was getting enough power through even though the racquet is fairly light. I really felt accurate out there.”

The reviewer said this racquet will suit a range of game styles, from those who hit the ball flat to serve-and-volleyers to players who like to rip forehands and slice backhands. "This is going to be a very, very solid option for many players. This is going to be a successful racquet for HEAD. Most players will enjoy serving with this racquet. It feels stable. It’s very accurate," the reviewer said. 

"Most players will enjoy serving with this racquet. It feels stable. It’s very accurate."

“The racquet performed well with shots that required a lot of feel - volleys, slices, pick-ups and drop-shots. A lot of players who like playing doubles, serve and volleying, and like being aggressive with the slice and come into net, they’re going to really like this racquet. I think this is a great racquet and I feel that HEAD are going to reach a big, big audience with this frame because it fits a lot of game styles. I recommend you picking one up and trying it out."  


At HEAD, we say that 'there's no shot you can't play' with the new RADICAL, and the TENNISNERD reviewer seemed to agree, saying the racquet allows you to be creative, and suits "an all-court crafty player". 

"Very nice feel to the frame. Feels like a very creative frame that lets you play the tennis you like, whether that’s aggressive or defence. Most players will enjoy serving with this racquet. It feels stable. It’s very accurate I feel like it fits a wide group of players. Very nice comfortable feel," according to the reviewer.

"Very nice feel to the frame. Feels like a very creative frame that lets you play the tennis you like, whether that’s aggressive or defence."

“Feels fast and really easy to swing through, especially with a one-handed backhand. Decent pop on serve. It’s more of a touch and feel frame this stick. It does most things well. It’s for an all-court crafty player. If you like to finesse the ball and use your creativity and like to head to the net from time to time, this one feels great with volleys," the reviewer said.

“Really loving this one. Great stick. I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It doesn’t have any weaknesses as far as I can see. It’s easier to use than its predecessor and it has a sweet feel. It feels like a frame for a lot of different players. I’m really happy with this frame. One of the best HEAD racquets." 


"Buy this racquet," was the strong message from one of the TENNIS SPIN reviewers. 

“Good power and good control. Pretty solid all round, with the volleys and the serves," said another of the reviewers. “When you connect with the serve, it flies. It’s a great serving racquet. It’s the perfect combination. It has great serve feel and also great touch.” Another reviewer said: “I enjoyed hitting with this racquet. It handles well from the baseline and feels really good at the net. It feels great to play with."

“Good power and good control. Pretty solid all round, with the volleys and the serves."

One reviewer said: “The racquet has an all-round great feeling. We’re looking forward to this racquet coming out. I’ve only got good things to say about this one. Buy this racquet."