SKI – Which ski length is right for me?

Please visit our Ski Size & Buying Guide page to get a detailed explanation

How do I maintain and care for my skis at the end of the season?

Even if not being used, skis are still subject to environmental influences (air humidity, UV rays). That’s why it’s important to maintain your skis in the off-season.

First off, make sure your HEAD skis are completely dry. Clean them with an appropriate cleaner (wax remover). Small damages in the ski surface should be repaired using a repair candle before storing your skis.

Rusty spots on the edges should be removed to avoid rust spreading further.

Afterwards the skis should be waxed with a hot basic wax. Be sure to apply a light layer of wax on the ski edges as well. This will help prevent new rust from occurring.

Skis should be stored in a dry place at a constant temperature. You can safely store your skis laying down or standing up, but not on the base.

My HEAD product is defective. Can I send it back to HEAD?

You purchased a product in our Online Shop head.com?

Send photos of the product, your order number and an explanation of the problem to service@shop.head.com and we will take care of your claim as quickly as possible.

You purchased a HEAD product at one of our retailers?

Please contact the retailer directly, as they are responsible for all after sales service. If possible, provide your receipt of purchase.
If the retailer is far from you, any of our retailers can deal with your claim. You can find a list of our shops at https://www.head.com/en-EN/store-locator/ .
If you purchased our products through an online retailer, please contact them through the service portal / address on their website.

I would like to enter into a sponsoring contract with you. What are the requirements?

Please send us your application to service@head.com and we will forward it to the responsible person. We also require the following personal information:



- First and last name
- Age
- Nationality (and address if different from nationality)
- Ranking
- Social media presence (Facebook / Instagram Name)


Please observe the following ranking requirements, which are needed in order to enter into a contract with HEAD. Other factors will also be considered such as potential and commitment, etc. Each application will be considered on its individual merits.


Age group National ranking International ranking
U18 Top 5 ATP Top 700 or WTA Top 500 or ITF Top 30
U16 Top 10 TE, COSAT, ATF Top 20 or ITF Top 75
U14 Top 15 TE, COSAT, ATF Top 50
U12 Top 20





- First and last name
- Age
- Nationality (and address if different from nationality)
- Ranking
- Social media presence (Facebook / Instagram Name)




- First and last name
- Age
- Nationality (and address if different from nationality)
- Contest results
- Ranking
- Discipline (Halfpipe, Big Air, Slopestyle)
- Social media presence (Facebook / Instagram Name)

Under 18? Please go to https://www.head.com/en-IC/futureheads/ , fill out the form and become our next Futurehead!

When can I expect my delivery?

Once payment is received, your order will be finished in our warehouse. As soon as the order leaves us, you will receive a shipping confirmation by email which will allow you to track your shipment.

Country Working days Country Working days Country Working days
Belgium 2 Bulgaria 3 Sweden 3 to 5
Czech Republic Poland United Kingdom
Croatia Ireland 4 Zyprus 3 to 6
Denmark Lithuania Greece
Germany France 2 to 3 Malta
Hungary Liechtenstein Norway
Netherlands Luxemburg Estonia 4 to5
Romania Monaco Latvia
Slowakei Austria Spain 4 to 6
Slovenia Switzerland Finland
    Italy 2 to 4 Portugal

Please note that shipping days refer to working days and an approximate shipping time.  The delivery times may be longer in peak shipping seasons or due to weather conditions and high amounts of traffic.

Can I make an exchange?

We do not offer a general exchange. You can send your product back in line with our cancellation policy (here) and place a new order.

Find out how to make a return shipment here / in the next question.

I want to return my item, what do I need to do?

Please email us (service@shop.head.com) and tell us which item you want to return. Our customer team will explain the process, step by step and advise you on the paperwork they require.

How do I add an item to my shopping cart?

If the Button “add to shopping cart” is not active, it could mean:

  • The item is not on stock
  • You haven’t selected your region – click on the country on the top right corner
  • The item isn’t available for sale in your region