GRAPHENE 360+ Delta Hybrid: This much power should be illegal!

The Delta Hybrid racquet launches with new technology, design and a hybrid surface with even more power


It’s here! The entire HEAD team is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid, a racquet with unrivaled power for smashing it out of the court with ease. This model debuts endless innovations such as its shape, design, new hybrid surface and technology, as well as a full social media campaign.

Players can still watch the entertaining “mafiosos” video, here. The entire campaign has been inspired by the racquet’s extreme power, which is presented in a fun way.

The long-awaited Delta Hybrid has been designed with an oversized teardrop shape to achieve a more aerodynamic feel. This extremely balanced racquet has its weight concentrated closer to the grip, which makes it easier to maneuver. And being softer and more compact, with less vibration and a larger sweet spot, it offers greater playability.

The frame of this model is made of carbon and Graphene 360+ for more stability and power. Plus, the surface contains a hybrid material for unique and unmatched control, and soft POWER FOAM rubber creates maximum power to smash the ball out of the court with ease.

“We are very proud of the end result. The Delta Hybrid has been designed down to the last detail by our engineers and has been well received from the very first stroke by the team of HEAD players. It also features a strikingly original design. So, it’s only fitting that such a special racquet should get an equally special launch,” says Pasquale Ruzcika, Business Manager of Indoor Racquet Sports at HEAD.

The various technologies that are included in this new racquet include:

Graphene 360+: the combination of Graphene 360 technology, which optimizes the transfer of energy, with innovative SPIRALFIBERS that add a clean and elastic impact.

Tailored Tube: each tube is made to measure for each racquet model, aiming for a variety of constructions that provide more or less rigidity/flex to each zone, as needed. In this case, the construction has been developed to achieve maximum power.

Smart Bridge: each racquet has its own DNA. Some seek control and precision while others opt for power or comfort. In developing the Smart Bridge, the goal of the HEAD team was to adapt the bridge zone to the needs of each racquet. In this model, the neck has been designed to achieve maximum power.

Optimized Sweetspot: the identity of each racquet is unique; some are characterized by control and precision while others opt for power or touch. That’s why we have developed an Optimized Sweet Spot to adapt the pattern of holes to the specifics of each racquet. In the Delta Hybrid, the holes have been designed to maximize power.

Power Foam: this is the perfect ally for maximum power. The soft rubber provides more speed for your shots, surprising you as well as your rivals.


If you’ve always dreamed of smashing it out of the court, now you can. The much-anticipated Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid is now available in select stores and online at