Unique design and unbeatable power to smash the ball in three. Feel the most legendary power with the racquet of the 'eternal king', Fernando Belasteguin


We are extremely happy to announce the launch of the new Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid Bela, the racquet recommended by world no. 1 Fernando Belasteguín, one of the most admired and respected players in the world and an important HEAD team member.

This model boasts a large sweetspot using CHIP technology which will ensure you return every ball. Thanks to its new aerodynamic of 'diamond' shape and innovative Graphene Touch material, it gives you more power and durability. If you have always wanted to be able to hit a great smash, now you will be able to!

There are several technologies in this racquet:

CHIP Technology: provinding the racquet with a big sweet spot which allows the player to hit back the ball every single time.

Graphene Touch: HEAD started to re-engineer Graphene, the world‘s strongest yet lightest material, and added a unique shock-absorbing material to the frame construction and hitting surface. The result is less shock thanks to faster vibration reduction after ball impact an unparalleled touch providing even more wow moments. Less shock, more wow.

Double Carbon Hitting Surface: the Double Carbon Hitting Surface refers to the double Carbone layer on both sides of the racquet. This extra layer of carbon gives sensation of ultimate comfort and multiplies the power to unknown limits. Suitable for the most demanding players!

Ultra Soft Foam: is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed your ball will reach will surprise your opponents as much as yourself.

Make this new weapon of the 'eternal king' yours, autographed by the man himself. The reigning champion Bela casts a long shadow with the new Delta Pro. The best player in the history of padel undoubtably still has more many surprises in store for us.

The Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid Bela will be available in stores fom the 27th of November onwards as well as online at head.com.