After an incredible 10-year partnership, HEAD padel and the eternal “King of Padel” Fernando Belasteguín part ways


The moment has come for us to go our separate ways. It is with sadness as well as deep gratitude for our journey together that we announce Fernando Belasteguín’s departure from HEAD padel. After 10 years of incredible success, we have decided to go our separate ways to pursue differing strategies.

The phrase “one of a kind” is certainly true of Fernando Belasteguín. In his time with HEAD, he has been world champion twice, won five Masters titles and reached 108 finals, winning 91. Crowning these achievements is his enduring position at the top of the rankings; Fernando Belasteguín has remained world number 1 for 16 years and six months, consecutively. As a result, it is no overstatement to call this player the one and only, now and always.

“All of us at HEAD are delighted to have been part of this successful collaboration. It has been a decade full of athletic achievements and unmatched records,” says a grateful Ricky Fernandez Brigolle, Category Manager HEAD Spain, of the partnership. “Beyond that, Bela’s help in developing our products has been invaluable. Thanks to his professionalism and knowledge of the sport, we have improved our products year after year, particularly with the BELA X limited edition, developed for and by Bela and the foundation of the new DELTA HYBRID 2020. This new racquet is the most powerful and comfortable ever created at HEAD. Thank you Bela for all of these amazing years together and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!”