vendredi 15. décembre 2017
Erika moved to the mountains of Vorarlberg when she was 29 years old. Having Mexican roots growing up in Vienna, she watched skiing only on television, but could never imagine gliding down the intimidating mountain herself. Living in the mountains of Vorarlberg she watched friends heading outdoors and having fun in the snow, and of course, she wanted this lifestyle too. After enough time watching, she decided to buy a pair of touring skis.

A helpful neighbor took her to the slope the first time and showed her the basics: the “snowplow”. She still remembers this first day when she stepped into her bindings and pushed away to get some speed. The feeling when the skis was a magical one. Although it was a lot of learning, she ended up skiing almost the whole day even until it was getting dark. She was about to retire when she decided to hike up to the top of the hill once more. Being totally unsure about her abilities she skied down all by herself. This was a fantastic feeling that she will never forget. That night she walked home more proud and satisfied than ever. This was the beginning of a new passion.

Erika now has skied consistently for the past ten years and spends every free minute in the mountains. She enjoys every turn like it was the first one. Erika says, “it is the curiosity before every run, when I am unsure how the snow will be or what will happen that brings me back every time.” With the help of patient friends, she developed her technique and enjoys her constant improvements.

Erika loves her Head skis. She said, “after only a few turns I instantly fell in love. Whether its small turns or big, on piste or off, the Total Joy is just fantastic everywhere!” For Erika the ski is an extension of her body when absorbing surface irregularities and acts as a connection piece between her and the snow. The perfect ski should be light and playful for optimal acceleration and new adventures. When Erika explores the outdoors she has no expectations at all and believes that many wonderful things must not be explained; they should be experienced and enjoyed. That is her joy.
vendredi 15. décembre 2017