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How Do I Choose Padel Shoes?


If you're going to play your best on the padel court, you should be investing in a quality racquet and premium clothing. You’re also going to need a pair of padel shoes which are specifically designed for the sport, and which will allow you to move with comfort and speed, and perhaps even a little style.


Here's our guide to finding the padel shoes that are right for you.


What Sole Should I Choose?

That all depends on which surface you’re going to be playing on. Different soles are designed for different surfaces. As most padel courts have sand on them, which can be slippery, you might want a shoe with a sole made for clay courts as the herringbone tread will give you the grip you need when you’re on the move.


However, padel courts are increasingly being built with a type of artificial grass that requires less sand (like the courts used on the World Padel Tour). Those surfaces are less slippery so you could play on them in shoes with clay or ‘all court’ soles.



Some professional players have the same shoe with two different soles. They use the shoe with a clay sole when playing on courts with a lot of sand and switch to the ‘all court’ sole for the new style of courts.


What Should I Be Looking For In My Padel Shoes?

There are three adjectives that describe the ideal padel shoe: comfortable, light and breathable.



Comfort is crucial when playing a game that involves fast movements and changes of direction - you want a shoe with excellent cushioning to protect your joints. A lightweight shoe will help you to reach the next ball as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing cushioning and stability.


As padel is often played on indoor courts or in hot climates, you should be considering a shoe that offers breathability. It’s also important to wear appropriate sport socks, which help ensure that the shoe delivers the breathable comfort you’ll crave when you’re on court.


When Should I Change My Padel Shoes?

While padel isn’t as hard on shoes as tennis and other racquet sports, there’s still some wear and tear. It depends how often you’re on court and whether you have an aggressive style of play or not, but we don’t recommend using the same shoes for more than 9-12 months as the EVA rubber in the midsole starts to lose its cushioning and other qualities.


How Do I Find The Padel Shoes That Are Just Right For Me?

Remember that everyone’s feet are unique - no two feet are the same. That’s why you should always try on the shoes and see whether they fit your feet. Look at whether the shoes are made with a wide or a narrow last and whether they suit your feet.

Your game style and weight are also factors when selecting paddle shoes. You might be better off choosing a shoe with more cushioning, with a higher midsole on the heel. Or you might prefer a shoe that has less cushioning, which will be lighter and will mean your foot is closer to the ground, helping you to be faster around the court.


Other factors to consider are the stability and rigidify of a shoe as well as the aesthetics. If a padel shoe is stylish and looks good, you’re more likely to feel good about yourself on the court, which is only going to enhance your game.

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