Best of 2021 – Xterra races with Solenne & Gaëtan!

#HEADswimming's best moments of 2021 with superb images from Carel du Plessis.

A beautiful sunset on a beach in Malta the day before the XTERRA Europe race!

Gaëtan Vivien & Solenne Billouin, two athletes who are crazy for off-road triathlon.

HEAD Swimming wetsuits glued to the body like a second skin!

In 7 days they flew directly from Greece to Malta to participate in 2 XTERRA races! We caught up with them to ask them about their preparation for those challenging days!

Two XTERRA races in a week is a real challenge. It is very difficult both physically and mentally, but we were prepared for that: we were focused on searching for the balance between training for the next competition and recovering well from the previous one. It was very important to listen to our bodies.

At the same time, we were happy with our performance in Greece, so it was also easier to stay motivated for the second race. Moreover, as it was the last race of the season, we gave it full-throttle!

For more pictures and the 2022 calendar for XTERRA European tour:

If you want to discover the wetsuit used by Solenne: OpenWater Pure FS 3.0,5

for more information about Gaëtan wetsuit : OpenWater MYBOOST SHELL 3.2: