detail-1 Daniel Windahl

Daniel Windahl



Daniel Windahl, Sweden's top ranked padel player, is one of the rising stars of the current scene. The tireless 27-year-old padel player from Helsingborg -in the south of Sweden- started his sporting career with tennis, and later switched to padel, mainly for fun, at the age of 19, due to his ongoing tennis career.

His greatest sporting achievement was a gold medal at the European Tennis Championships. In relation to padel he has reached number 48 in the world ranking and has participated in several round of 16 in the most important tournaments in the world.

He is a very complete and solid player, with good technique and a good punch. He currently plays with the Gravity Pro, modern, vibrant and with a different design on each side. He dreams of being one of the best padel players in the world and to continue helping Swedish padel after his career.