Discover Swimrun with Marc Mayoral

We’re going to have a chat with Marc Mayoral who last year participated to his first Swimrun Costa Brava in the 21km medium distance race.

HEAD: Last year was a special year for you because you started participating in Swimrun and the SRCB race was your first experience. Tell us what Swimrun means to you.

MARC: It’s a sport that I like because it’s “linear”, it’s not done in a circuit, it allows you to discover beautiful environments where you wouldn’t normally run and swim alone, and also because it’s done in teams of two it’s very attractive to me.

HEAD: Could you tell us something about Swimrun for those who have never participated in a race and are still very curious about it? When did you start training for your first Swimrun?

MARC: I’ve always done swimming and running for a little training, but I’ve never participated in a race. The truth is I only started training three months before with a very relaxed program. I had time to train just enough to do it, even if I suffered a lot during the race, so now I would like to have more time to train better and enjoy the whole competition more.

HEAD: Do you prefer swimming or running?

MARC: I prefer the swimming sessions for sure, as running uses up more of my energy.

HEAD: How is swimming with shoes on and did you find it difficult running for kilometers whilst wearing a neoprene wetsuit?

MARC: The truth is that it was less complicated than I initially thought, everything developed naturally. If the equipment is well-planned and good quality, in the end you only think about it during the trials. During the competition, with the energy of the other participants and the kilometers ahead, you don’t worry about all those technical details, but good equipment is definitely important in order to appreciate the experience.

HEAD: Which wetsuit did you wear for this race and how did it fit you?

MARC: The HEAD Aero was really perfect for this particular race, but later I decided to cut it above the knee to make it more comfortable while running. In Spain the sea water is very warm, and I prefer to feel freer.

HEAD: We know that Swimrun is a team sport carried out in pairs with another athlete. What was it like sharing so many kilometers with another person?

MARC: I think that’s one of the most interesting things. I did some individual races that I liked too, but prefer the original version and sharing the experience with another person. It’s challenging and fun at the same time.

HEAD: Do you have any advice for those who have doubts about participating in the SRCB? Why is this race so special?

MARC: What I like most is the feeling of freedom you get whilst trying to reach the final destination, passing from one place to another, discovering nice places, regardless of whether you have to swim or run, it's a trip worth enjoying.

HEAD: The equipment: A pullbuoy? A towing rope? Paddles? Yes or no?

MARC: In the first race I did I had everything - a pullbuoy, paddles and the rope as well, then, little by little, I started using some accessories less, and in the last training sessions I didn’t have anything extra. For me it’s best like this, in order to feel free, but you probably have fewer benefits in terms of performance. In my case this doesn’t matter at all though, I’m just here to participate! Being part of the event is my competition!

HEAD: Do you have any sort of ritual before a competition?

MARC: No, what I learned is that you have to hydrate yourself very well the days before the race to avoid muscle problems. In my first experience I suffered during the first kilometers, so what I do is drink, eat properly and relax.