We bring kids on snow. We invest in the future of snowboarding.

Futureheads is all about next-generation snowboarding. Introducing kids and their families to snowboarding and helping them to find a fun and successful experience on snow is the name of the game.

Futureheads Event attendee in the slopestyleFutureheads Event attendee in the slopestyle

Futureheads Events

Our Futureheads event program is dedicated to kids and juniors to offer them a memorable experience on snow with the support of HEAD’s professional team riders.

Futureheads Team

Our junior snowboard team consists of motivated and talented young guns from all over the world. They can entirely focus on their progress in snowboarding thanks to the sponsorship and related support.

Futureheads Team member in the halfpipeFutureheads Team member in the halfpipe
Futureheads making cool pictures for InstagramFutureheads making cool pictures for Instagram

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