Power Under Control

金曜日 26. 5月 2017

Why compromise between power and control when you can have both in one and the same racquet? Not possible? Well, now it is. HEAD has officially ended the never-ending conflict between a racquet that gives you power and one that gives you control. Their solution: MxG. Taking its name from the materials Magnesium (M) and (x) Graphene (G), the technology provides a balance of power and control unlike no other racquet before. And this time, this is not just some fancy marketing slogan, it is actually true.

As a general rule, racquets that have a larger sweet spot provide more power. However, for that to happen, you have to move the bridge and that, unfortunately, makes the racquet less stable and results in less control. Which is why you had to choose between the two until now. Ottmar Barbian, EVP Racquet Sport, says: “After conducting extensive player research, we identified the need for both power and control in one racquet. Based on these results, we developed MXG, an entirely new technology that merges two materials together for the ultimate balance of power and control.”

The merging of two materials is what MxG is all about. HEAD figured out that if they could find a way to allow for longer main strings, but also ensure that the hoop of the racquet does not deform under the pressure, they would have a real winner. The truly groundbreaking solution: a precision-injected magnesium bridge construction. Its position gives the player longer free moving main strings for a larger sweet spot and for more power due to the increased trampoline effect.

Additionally, its tough characteristics make sure the hoop does not deform and provide the control you always had to give up on until now. And there is more: not only does this design provide ultimate stability at a very low weight, it also looks like a Darth Vader sword according to Novak Djokovic, visually showing you the power and control you want. The MxG technology is featured in HEAD’s new MXG racquet series, which really is the perfect fit for those who want to up their game with the next racquet generation.

The MXG racquet series is available now in two different versions, the MxG 3 for tournament and the MxG 5 for club players at selected retailers and online at head.com.

金曜日 26. 5月 2017