In addition to being well received, the Extreme ONE racquet has been given some more excellent news: it has won an ISPO award for its exceptional design and technological prowess.

ISPO - the leading international sports platform that highlights sports industry products and services - acknowledges the industry's most outstanding products and services with their awards. Their independent expert jury evaluates hundreds of entries each year, honouring the most innovative ones with the distinction of winning an ISPO.

ISPO Award LogoISPO Award Logo

In the words of Pasquale Ruzicka, Global Business Manager at HEAD: “It’s a great honour to receive an award from a platform as renowned as ISPO, where every year the best sports products from around the world are entered for the awards". He adds: "I’ve been at HEAD for over 10 years, and in that time I’ve seen our products evolve, always in line with market demands and using the most innovative materials. The case of the award-winning Extreme ONE racquet is no exception. We’re truly delighted".

It is important to remember that the revolutionary EXTREME ONE is the lightest racquet in the EXTREME series. It is also the strongest, with its state-of-the-art 12K carbon see-through unique hitting surface for added durability. Made from a new, diamond-shaped mould, this racquet is simultaneously lightweight, powerful and aerodynamic, allowing for play with consistent spin. While its innovative Auxetic technology delivers extra power and a sensational feel on impact, its Soft Butt Cap technology provides a softer playing feel and dampens vibrations.

At ISPO Munich, the global sports business community comes together to share perspectives and shape the future of the industry. From 28 to 30 November, over 1,600 exhibitors will showcase innovative products and provide a glimpse into what the future of sports may hold. And there, at the ISPO 2023 award winners' exhibition, the Extreme ONE racquet will be on display for visitors to admire.

Winning this award reflects not only our commitment to innovation, but also the discerning choice of athletes from around the world when it comes to sporting equipment.