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Expert reviews of the EXTREME 2022 racquet series 

From "great" to "fun" to "a big thumbs up", expert reviewers have given their assessments of the EXTREME 2022 racquet series of ultimate spin machines. “Lively”, “a plush feeling” and “will make you happy” were among the other reviews.

Promising spin for you and chaos for your opponent, the series has been upgraded with innovative Auxetic technology and a daring new design in lime green and gray.

The reviewers played with the five models in the series:



Reviews of the EXTREME TOUR

"Lots of easy power, super-manoeuvrable and very fast, which makes it very spin-friendly," said the reviewer for Tennis Warehouse. "If you're looking to whip an angle, or you've got a low ball and it's kind of short and you're coming in towards the net and you want to get it up and over quickly with lots of spin and pace, the EXTREME TOUR racquet is great to do that with. It's a good doubles racquet as it's good on serve and return, and it's nice and fast and easy to move at net. It has a fast feel. It's a very, very quick racquet that feels silky smooth." 


A reviewer for Tennis Spin noted: “The Auxetic technology softens it up and gives you more feel. This racquet is a great update, with easy access to power, a very plush feel. It’s a pretty lively racquet. I like this a lot. Definitely a great, great upgrade.”


Another reviewer for Tennis Spin said: “They’ve added the Auxetic technology and it’s a huge improvement. It makes the racquet a lot softer and a lot more plush. I felt really confident swinging with this racquet. Lots of good control. I was able to swing out as much as I wanted to. I got some pretty good spin on my forehand and backhand. The playability was good.”


Reviews of the EXTREME MP

The reviewer for Tennisnerd had "more control and more confidence" to go for his shots. "It's still a powerful racquet and still spin-friendly. I like the design. This is the most improved of the EXTREME racquets, with much better control. It's spin-friendly, powerful and not too harsh on the arm, with a denser string pattern for better control. I had a lot of fun with this. It's for you if you're a baseliner and want some power and spin for free, and you play a lot on clay. This will make you happy."


"A more forgiving and responsive racquet," said a reviewer for Tennis Warehouse. "One of those racquets when you can really be stretched out wide on defense and with just a flick of the wrist hit a fast-paced ball to the corner and be right back on the offense again. Or even hit winners on the run. It's a fun racquet to do it with. These racquets are so light and manoeuvrable. This is a fun racquet. If you like to hit aggressive groundstrokes with a lot of topspin, you can maximise your [game] with this racquet." 


The reviewer for Solow Sports was able to "push my opponent way back behind the baseline". "I'm loving the Auxetic technology. The response in feel is just perfect. This racquet is very lively and responsive, which is exactly what's trending for players. You can see why Matteo Berrettini is playing with the EXTREME. This is absolutely an enhancement. Players can absolutely command the baseline. HEAD says it's spin for you and chaos for your opponent and we couldn't agree more."


Reviews of the EXTREME MP L

"If you like to hit some spin, whether it's topspin or you're slicing and dicing, you'll get plenty of grip out of the string-bed on this one. A very fast feeling racquet," said the reviewer for Tennis Warehouse. "You're getting some pop and stability from the frame but it's still nice and comfortable."


The reviewer for Tennisnerd "really enjoyed the feeling of this frame". "The EXTREME MP L is a little bit more spin-friendly than the more controlled MP.  Big thumbs up. Probably the most fun I've had with lighter racquets in my tennis-playing life."


Reviews of the EXTREME TEAM

"A great racquet for the adult who's looking for something super-fast and easy to manoeuvre or for a junior transitioning into an adult-sized frame," said the reviewer for Tennis Warehouse. "Really good for a mid-level club player. Will get a lot of playability out of this one. Very, very light and fast so easy to get around the body. Silky smooth... with a nice and plush feeling. There's a very nice flex to it so it's very forgiving with a soft response at impact."


The reviewer for Tennisnerd called this "a really fun racquet to play with". "I could generate some nice pace and hit some good winners. And it's excellent on defense. This would be a good option for a lot of players. It's a very good frame."


Review of the EXTREME TEAM L

"Very nice feeling on impact. Fun to use. Lots of free pace and spin. But the sensation when you hit the ball is actually quite enjoyable, which is rare for these types of racquets," observed the reviewer for Tennisnerd. "I enjoyed playing with this a lot. Easy to use, easy to swing. For most players, you get enough stability and power. Perfect for beginners. But this isn't just for beginners; you can use this at an intermediate level. You get some pace and spin that you can really use."


Now try the EXTREME 2022 racquet series for yourself. If you’re an aggressive, energetic player who likes to dominate from the baseline with spin and power, you’ll find an EXTREME model that suits you and your game.

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