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How to choose a padel racquet for kids

Our guide to choosing the right padel racquet for children

Is your child just starting out in the world of padel, or has he or she already been playing for a while? Whether your child has just told you that they would like to try padel for the first time or if they have been playing for a while, read this article to help you choose the right padel racquet.

What ages are junior padel racquets for?

Children can start playing padel as soon as they are strong enough to hold the padel racquet; it is they who will tell us when they are ready and it will all depend on their strength and ability to wield it. As a general rule, they could start to make their first strokes from the age of three years onwards.

Our range of padel racquets is divided into two blocks, one for children under 10 years old (Monster) and one for children over 10 years old (Junior), although these divisions are not 100% strict as the child’s strength, ability and height may vary and therefore the 10-year barrier may change. It will be important to assess other aspects as well as age, and here the coach will play a key role as they will be able to tell us whether we have got it right.

How to choose a padel racquet for my child?

The most important thing is to choose the right size. If you get the right size and the padel racquet is neither too big nor too heavy, your child will be much more likely to have fun on the court and less likely to get injured. But if your child plays with a padel racquet that is too small, this is not ideal either as it can slow their progress and limit their enjoyment.

How can I be sure to buy the right size padel racquet for my child?

As a rule, if the budding player is under 10 years old, we will choose the Monster model. This is a shorter model, with a 33 mm profile, and above all lighter, just 300 grammes. This lighter and shorter padel racquet will be easier to handle and allow them to hit the ball with all their strength.

If the child is over 10 years old we will choose the junior padel, either the Speed Jr or the Extreme Jr. These are slightly shorter than normal, one finger shorter, with a 38 mm profile like adult padel racquets and a weight of 330 grammes. Your kid can then progress in their game and be ready to move on to an adult padel racquet at the age of 12 or 13.

Always keep in mind that if your child is significantly larger or smaller than most of their friends, they may feel more comfortable with the next or previous size.

And after a junior padel racquet?

Once we have solved the question of your child’s padel racquet, the next question is how long they should use it and which transition model comes next.

Within the HEAD collection there are models such as the Zephyr UL with a weight of 340 grammes, ideal for taking the step to the first adult padel. Once your child has a good command of their junior padel racquet and we see that they are making progress, we will have to make the step to an adult one with the maximum length (455 mm), but it should rather be light so that they do not notice a big change in weight and can gradually advance over time to a new level. Later, they will be able to play with heavier padel racquets until they reach the ideal weight for their style of play (between 355 and 375 grammes).


Can adults play with junior padel racquets?

The truth is that we do not recommend that adults play with junior rackets, which are designed for children. Our adult versions are designed for a wide range of abilities, from beginners to advanced players, and include lightweight frames. We are confident that adults will find a padel racquet to suit them in our adult range.

Ricky Brigolle

Category Sales Manager, Racket Sports Division, HEAD Spain

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