The most amazing technological revolution is here. A few days ago we presented three models from the Extreme series (Pro, Motion and Elite), and now we unveil the EXTREME ONE, the latest in HEAD padel racquets, which is a revolutionary design with a unique construction. It has a state-of-the-art 12k-carbon see-through hitting surface that is remarkably robust and durable. It is also the lightest and strongest racquet in the EXTREME series, offering both power and consistency of feel.

Made from a new diamond-shaped mould, this racquet is lightweight, as well as powerful and aerodynamic, and lets you play with consistent spin. While the innovative Auxetic technology delivers extra power and a sensational impact feel, the Soft Butt Cap technology supplies a softer playing feel and dampens vibrations. Along with high performance, the EXTREME ONE offers a high-end, original design with a glossy and matt finish.

HEAD Extreme ONE Padel RacquetHEAD Extreme ONE Padel Racquet

EXTREME ONE has a distinct appearance compared to conventional racquets in having only one drilled hole in the hitting surface. We hope to have a ONE, top of the series model in each of our silos, so-called because they will feature the very latest and best technologies in all aspects of the racquet, not just the hitting surface.

Due to its well-balanced weight and mass distribution, it’s actually very easy to handle, which lends players faster acceleration and a quicker swing. The balance is the highest in the Extreme silo, but subtle, thanks to its lightweight construction.

HEAD Extreme ONE Padel RacquetHEAD Extreme ONE Padel Racquet

“Padel is evolving and becoming faster. We believe this offers a significant gap in the market for an advanced, pro-level racquet that is lighter for the more modern, faster style of play”, says Daniel Picot, Padel Racquets Product Manager at HEAD. However, for the time being, we intend to target tournament and amateur players with advanced/pro-level aspirations.

The EXTREME ONE premium model is destined to become the top of the EXTREME line. Join HEAD’s latest revolution and discover it.