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If you are looking for a lightweight, forgiving board which offers you control and grip, the EVERYTHING is the right board for you. As the name indicates, this board has it all. The new construction of this board has the nickname “autopilot” for a reason. It offers support and grip both on- and off-piste. Added contact points with the snow offer control also in icy conditions. The soft flex of the board makes it playful and easy to turn. This is also supported by the very low weight in the boards tip and tail, requiring less effort, also when making turns in deep snow. One board for all, a reliable board for the whole mountain – that’s the EVERYTHING.


Camber:Hybrid Camber DCT 2.0
Architecture:Pro Board Architecture
Flex index:6
Base:Extruded Base


LengthwaistContactRadiusMed. StanceSetbackRider Weight
13622.7 (23.1)103,57,4460,030 - 50
13622.7 (23.1)106,58,2460,030 - 50
14022.9 (23.3)107,57,5480,040 - 70
14022.9 (23.3)110,58,3480,040 - 70
14423.2 (23.6)111,57,6500,040 - 70
14423.2 (23.6)114,58,4500,040 - 70
14824.0 (24.4)116,57,7520,040 - 70
14824.0 (24.4)119,58,5520,040 - 70
15224.2 (24.6)119,57,8540,050 - 80
15224.2 (24.6)122,58,6540,050 - 80


  • Graphene is a 2D material that even when an atom thick is one of the strongest and lightest materials on earth. Used zonally in a board it magnifies a board’s positive characteristics.
  • Hexagonal Core is a high-tech compound that allows a board to weight less but maintain its core strength. It is arranged zonally in the construction of selected HEAD boards.

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