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  1. Graphene Radical Pro

    The RADICAL 180 is perfect for the serious player with a slower swing speed that needs more mass with outstanding maneuverability

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  2. Graphene Touch Radical 170

    Perfect for any competitive player, the Radical 170 offers more mass with less weight in the head of the racquet for fast action power.

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  3. Graphene Touch Radical 180

    The RADICAL 180 is perfect for the serious player with a slower swing speed looking for more mass with effortless maneuverability.

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  4. Radical Edge

    At only 175 grams, the Radical Edge represents amazing value for players who are looking for great power and maneuverability.

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  5. i.165

    HEAD’s legendary racquet. The power, maneuverability and value of the i.165 makes it a great choice for all levels of play.

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  6. MX Cyclone

    Extremely durable and powerful, the MX CYCLONE is a great racquet for beginners who want power from the start.

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  7. MX Fire

    The MX FIRE is a durable and powerful frame for the beginner level player.

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  8. MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack

    Start out right with the MX HURRICANE RACQUETBALL PACK, which gives you a durable powerful racquet, two Penn Ultra-Blue racquetballs and protective eyewear.

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8 položky

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