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17 položky

  1. REBELS Midlayer FZ W

    Every collection has at least one perfect midlayer piece. The Rebels Midlayer is that piece for the Rebels collection. It is amazingly comfortable thanks to its soft material mix and keeps you warm thanks to the high-density woven fabric.

    Další informace
    3 890,00 Kč
  2. REBELS Sweatshirt FZ W

    When the day on the piste is over, turn to the Rebels Sweatshirt for a look that is all about comfortable cotton and casual coolness.

    Další informace
    1 990,00 Kč
  3. TUNDRA X Coat W

    There is no better winter vacation partner to get from point A to point B than the Tundra X Coat that feels home in any colder urban environment.

    Další informace
    6 090,00 Kč
  4. TUNDRA X Hooded Jacket W

    The Tundra X Hooded Jacket is that product that you never wanna take off once it is on. Comfortable and beautiful, it perfectly matches whatever outfit you have on.

    Další informace
    5 590,00 Kč
  5. TUNDRA X Vest W

    When the Tundra Coat and Jacket are too much, turn to the Tundra Vest. Just like its siblings, it keeps you extra warm and stylish.

    Další informace
    3 590,00 Kč
  6. DOLOMITE Jacket W

    The Dolomite Jacket is the perfect 4-season jacket that you can wear during a day out and about or as an extra layer on the piste.

    Další informace
    3 790,00 Kč
  7. MADELYN Midlayer FZ W

    High-quality meets functional in the Madelyn Midlayer. Made of a body-mapped stretch material, it keeps you perfectly dry and warm while off the piste.

    Další informace
    3 190,00 Kč
  8. BREE Midlayer HZ W

    Perfect for endurance sport on and off the piste, the Bree Midlayer is as soft as it is functional.

    Další informace
    3 390,00 Kč
  9. LISA Midlayer FZ W

    The Lisa Midlayer is the warmest midlayer in the collection and offers the perfect feminine fit for all occasions.

    Další informace
    2 890,00 Kč
  10. ANNIKA Midlayer FZ W

    The Annika midlayer is the perfect layering piece keeping you warm and dry.

    Další informace
    2 690,00 Kč
  11. BECCA Midlayer HZ W

    The functional Becca Midlayer is not only beautiful to look at but also super easy to mix and match.

    Další informace
    2 490,00 Kč
  12. ROXXY Midlayer HZ W

    The Roxxy Midlayer is a thin jersey perfect for underneath and comes with a clever design detail worth a second look.

    Další informace
    2 290,00 Kč
  13. MAYA Midlayer HZ W

    The Maya Midlayer is the perfect basic essential layer piece for all occasions.

    Další informace
    1 790,00 Kč
  14. LEGACY Convertible Jacket W

    3 in 1, anyone? The super flexible Legacy Convertible Jacket is three jackets in one, perfect for any activities off-piste.

    Další informace
    11 090,00 Kč
  15. LEGACY Hybrid Hooded Jacket W
  16. LEGACY Hybrid Jacket W

    Turn to the Legacy Hybrid Jacket if you need a warm, yet beautiful piece underneath your fashionable Legacy Jacket.

    Další informace
    6 690,00 Kč
  17. LEGACY Midlayer HZ W

    Looking stylish and feeling comfortable while at the ski lodge is what the Legacy Midlayer was made for.

    Další informace
    3 190,00 Kč

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17 položky

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