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Snowboardová obuv OPERATOR BOA je SUV mezi zimními botami, splňuje podmínky současného trendu. Je vhodná pro všechny druhy sportů na sněhu, včetně snowboardingu. Tato všestranná bota je velkým přínosem pro zákazníky, profesionály a zaměstnance resortů. Má výjimečné vlastnosti i v mrazivých dnech (standardizovaná a testovaná do -40°C), s podrážkou z vulkanizované gumy, voděodolný design, to vše z ní činí perfektní botou pro všechny zimní aktivity. K tomu šněrovací systém BOA, pro snadné nazutí a upevnění.


Úroveň:pokročilý lyžař
Velikost:MON (cm) 23.0 - 31.5 / EUR 36.0 - 48.0 / US 4.5 - 13.5


  • The Boa® lacing system allows a boot to be fastened with the turn of a dial and loosened in a snap: No more fumbling with laces in the cold.
  • Multipurpose Use
    This boot caters the different needs from daily wearing at cold winter days to walking or hiking in snow and is even suitable for snowboarding.
  • Supergripper Sole
    The Supergripper is designed for those needing grip and stability when walking and riding. The heavy profile rubber studs offer supreme grip on almost every surface. The arch well supports the foot and additional EVA inlays offer great cushioning and additional insulation.
  • Vulcanized Rubber Bottom
    The entire lower section of the boot is vulcanized using premium rubbers. This enables the lower part of the boot to be completely waterproof to keep your feet dry even when walking in wet snow for hours or stepping into a puddle.
  • Firetech Liner
    The Firetech liner is an extremely cold resistant liner up to -40°C (-40°F), tested according to ISO 20877:2011. It combines the comfort of a winterboot with the performance of a snowboard boot. With having the tongue on the outside of the liner you can far open it for a very easy entry and exit into the boot.
  • Heatshield
    An additional silver foil between the midsole and outsole of the liner reflects the heat generated by the body back into the liner to keep your feet warm.
  • Flex Index 4
    very forgiving flex for adults
  • Forward Lean 7°
    For rookies and easy riders.

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