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* Pflichtfelder


The best of all worlds come together in the i.165. Its sleek, thin beam design and light weight make it a seriously maneuverable racquet. At the same time, the head-heavy balance guarantees the most explosive power on every shot. Featuring HEAD's patented Intelligence Technology, the intellifibers produce an electrical charge on ball impact that causes the fibers to stiffen resulting in increased power. Through the help of electrical energy, which does not create vibration, the racquet vibration is decreased by up to 20%. The last of the thin-beam racquets in the market, the i.165 continues to be the choice of players worldwide.


Gewicht (Rahmen):165 g / 5.8 oz
Schwerpunkt:290 mm / 0.6 in HH
Kopfgröße:655 cm² / 102 in²
Länge:552 mm / 22 in
Rahmenprofil:18.5-18.5-18.5 mm
Saite:Synthetic Gut


  • Intelligence
    Intellifibers are integrated into the graphite in both sides of the throat of the racquet. On ball impact the intellifibers produce and electrical response that causes the fibers to stiffen resulting in increased power.

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