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  1. Raptor B5 RD

    The Raptor B5 RD gives junior speedsters race winning on-the-button power transmission and edge control.

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    DKK 3,500.00
  2. RAPTOR 90S RS

    Built to win, the race ready, FIS approved RAPTOR 90 RS has all the power and race technology of our senior WC winner but with junior flex and form.

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    DKK 2,800.00
  3. RAPTOR  80 RS

    With conformable comfort, race performance and custom features this junior race boot is guaranteed to fill trophy cabinets with gold.

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    DKK 2,500.00
  4. RAPTOR 70 RS

    The next generation of champions is within reach. The RAPTOR 70 can lead you the way to the World Cup podium and the world championship title.

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    DKK 1,700.00
  5. Raptor 60

    Soon you are going to climb the ladder to the top. The Raptor 60 lays the foundation for your course in the first team squad.

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    DKK 1,200.00
  6. Raptor  40

    Designed for mini speed demons this fast and furious boot delivers the ultimate in personalised fit and progressive performance.

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    DKK 1,000.00
  7. KORE 60

    An all-access past to the funpark and pipe: Providing the power, support, cushioning and advanced level ski control for freestyle progression.

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    DKK 1,300.00
  8. KORE 40

    Giving advanced junior freestylers the confidence and technical backing to progress in the freestyle arena.

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    DKK 1,100.00
  9. Z3

    The Z3 is familiar with the anatomy of children's feet and retains their natural stance, as they can remain entirely in their element.

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    DKK 900.00
  10. Z2

    An innovative concept for junior skiers this comfortable, warm, easy to use and lightweight boot delivers a natural kids stance and geometry for fun progression.

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    DKK 800.00
  11. Z1

    A revolution in kids' boots this comfortable, cosy and easy to use lightweight boot features a natural stance and geometry for fun fast progression.

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    DKK 700.00

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11 Item(s)

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