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  1. Tour Team Padel Monstercombi

    The new style Tour Team Monstercombi is now even bigger so you have enough space to carry all your kit and comes in three different colours so you are bound to find one to suit.

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  2. Elite Padel Supercombi

    Light, classical and practical, this padel bag is your allie for tournaments. You'll be the envy of the club.

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  3. Elite Backpack

    The Elite range's backback scores big with a padded racquet compartment, two side mesh pockets for your drinking bottle and an integrated shoe compartment.

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    £ 35.00

    The smallest padel bag in the collection, but at the same time, the most flexible and practical. It can endure anything and is an ideal size for carrying whatever your match or training requires.

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  5. Core Backpack

    The Core range's backpack is perfect for the on-the-go club player with enough room for a quick game or a heated training session.

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    £ 23.00
  6. Tour Team Backpack

    With space for your racquet and footwear, the Tour Team Backpack is the perfect add-on for a quick trip to the court while on the road.

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    £ 40.00
  7. Tour Team Shoe Bag

    The Tour Team Shoebag keeps your shoes ventilated and separated from the rest of your clothes.

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    £ 15.00
  8. Tour Team Shoe Sack

    This Tour Team Shoe Sack can pack a pair of shoes - or any item or accessory you need for a trip to the courts or down the street for a day out shopping.

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    £ 8.00
  9. Tour Team Travelbag

    The Tour Team Travel Bag is an outstanding bag for travelling the tour and the world with its super spacious and organized inside, a stowable telescope handle, and bottom and edge protection to keep your stuff safe on the road.

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    £ 130.00

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9 Item(s)

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