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  1. SLR 7.5 AC

    Safer, snappier and more precise the lightweight and comfortable SLR 7.5 AC is the best low input, high performance binding on the mountain.

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    £ 85.00
  2. SLR 4.5 AC

    Designed for performance progression, the light, safe and reliable SLR 4.5 AC delivers fun and confidence to the learning curve of skiing.

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    £ 75.00
  3. SX 7.5 AC

    Building confidence with stability, direct power transfer and precision ski control – this is the SX 7.5 AC binding for junior skiers who crave progression.

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    £ 65.00
  4. SX 4.5 AC

    The safe, performance driven SX 4.5 AC is the encouragement and confidence that aspiring young champions of speed need to succeed.

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    £ 55.00
  5. PRD 14 GW

    The PRD 14 GW is a PowerRail binding with GripWalk compatibility. Your ski boots always fit into this binding, offering maximum flexibility, perfect grip and optimal performance.

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  6. PRD 12 GW

    The PRD 12 GW binding combines the features of a PowerRail binding with GripWalk compatibility.

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    £ 130.00
  7. PR 11 GW

    The PRD 11 GW all mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. It has a new heelpiece and is perfectly compatible for use with alpine and GripWalk ski boots.

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    £ 115.00
  8. JOY 11 GW SLR

    Light and high performance, the JOY 11 GW SLR women's binding makes a mark. The new three part NX heel unit makes its stability and power transfer even better. The same applies to the ease of stepping in and out of this binding.

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    £ 125.00
  9. JOY 9 GW SLR

    This binding is light as a feather. Thanks to a new lightweight heel unit, the JOY 9 GW SLR binding allows women and young skiers to ski nearly effortlessly.

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    £ 105.00

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9 Item(s)

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