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6 Item(s)

  1. Elite Backpack

    The newly shaped Elite backpack is just what you need with its padded compartment for racquets, two mesh side pockets for your water bottle and an integrated compartment for shoes.

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    £ 30.00
  2. Elite Allcourt

    Coming in four colourways, the durable and practical round-shaped Elite AllCourt tennis bag gives you space and all of the extras such as an integrated shoe compartment.

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    £ 55.00
  3. Elite 12R Monstercombi

    The Elite 12R Monstercombi is the range's biggest combi bag with room for up to twelve racquets and all the space you need for a perfect club tournament weekend.

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    £ 50.00
  4. Elite 9R Supercombi

    Slightly smaller than the range's Monstercombi, the Elite 9R Supercombi provides enough room for everything you need when out and about on the court.

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    £ 45.00
  5. Elite 6R Combi

    The all new Elite 6R Combi gives you the perfect space for up to six racquets and everything else for a quick trip to the courts.

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    £ 40.00
  6. Elite 3R Pro

    The Elite 3R Pro, the range smallest bag, still packs plenty of the necessary things you need on the court including up to three racquets.

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    £ 35.00

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6 Item(s)

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