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Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid
Graphene Touch Delta Hybrid


The Delta Pro is the new racquet recommended by world number 1 Fernando Belasteguín. This model features Graphene Touch on the frame and double layers of carbon on the hitting surface, to provide touch and power without limits. Plus, thanks to its soft foam and CHIP pattern you will enjoy an endless sweet point. With the weapon of the "eternal king" you will feel the union between your arm and this new racquet. Bela's legacy is huge thanks to his dedication and to his Delta racquet. The best player in the history of Padel no doubt still has many surprises in store for us.


Head size:465cm2


  • The new ULTRA SOFT foam is a descendant from the renowned N2 foam with improved density and memory for better sound and improved playability.
  • New softer combination of frame construction and foam for better comfort and a larger sweet spot.
  • A new drilling pattern utilising different hole sizes that work in combination with the C-Ring bringing a bigger sweet spot (more comfort and control) and higher stiffness on impact (more power).

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