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White 12R Monstercombi

White 12R Monstercombi

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The White 12R Monstercombi is the perfect answer to the demands of high-level tennis players. It has a total of three spacious compartments while the inside mesh pocket and the outside pocket provide additional space for quick access. And the climate control technology CCT+ in one of the main compartments keeps racquets protected from even the most grueling heat. While it is no surprise that the bag is kept in an elegant white on the outside to honor the tournament’s tradition, the bag’s interior comes along in a refreshing green, inspired by the green grass of Wimbledon. The green elements also make an appearance on the logos to give the bag its iconic Wimbledon-inspired look. HEAD players will carry the high-quality White 12R Monstercombi bag onto the world's most legendary courts making it the only time the bag will make a public appearance.


Dimension:81 x 34 x 44 cm
Material composition (inside):75% POLY / 25% TPE
Material composition (outside):80% POLY / 20% PUg
Colors:black/silver; navy/green; black/red; lightblue/sand


  • Material 80% Polyester / 20% PU
  • 2 way carry system: backpack and shoulder carry system
  • 3 compartments for 12 racquets one with CCT+
  • 1 inside mesh pocket
  • 1 outside pocket

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