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The directional twin shape with added pop and support makes the DEFY YOUTH a master draughtsman of the park and beyond. This mid-wide, responsive freestyle stick exudes flex, power and control enabling the next generation to not only dominate the park but also other terrains where a freestyler likes to roam. Go Futureheads!


Camber:Hybrid Camber Pop
Architecture:Easy Board Architecture
Flex index:3
Base:Extruded Base


LengthWaistContactRadiusMed. StanceSetbackRider Weight
11821.7 (22.1)89,55,3421,030-50
12322.2 (22.6)94,55,4441,030-50
12822.7 (23.1)99,55,6441,030-50
13823.3 (23.7)103,06,5461,030-50
14824.4 (24.8)113,57,3521,050-80


  • The composition of Hybrid Camber POP is found in two different shapes, Long Directional for extra float & Twin Directional for all-mountain pleasure: This build features an elevated flat section and a slight Rocka in tip and tail, combing edge hold with pop & float.
  • Poplar Wood Core
    Poplar Cores make Head boards lighter and stronger. They are also extra responsive and deliver a progressive, poppy ride.

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SEK 2,699.00

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