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  1. Vector EVO 130S

    Trickledown race performance meets fully customisable comfort: A versatile alpine boot for experienced all season skiers.

    ¥ 75,000.00
  2. Vector EVO 120S

    Engineered to deliver maximum levels in comfort, customization and signature Head precision in all terrains for all season, expert skiers.

    ¥ 70,000.00
  3. Vector Evo 110

    Designed for expert all season skiers this easy entry, super-comfortable all-terrain boot is armed with the precision and power of Head race heritage.

    ¥ 62,000.00
  4. Challenger 120

    A high-end all-mountain boot for advanced skiers, including the ultimate versatility of full customisation and a robust binding-activated auto ski and hike technology.

    ¥ 68,000.00
  5. Challenger 110

    Challenging perceptions, this all-mountain for advanced skiers delivers supreme comfort and auto ski hike technology with proven Head downhill performance.


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