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The all-mountain NX THREE has got it all: from the new Softback for tweaking out old-school tricks and surfing the pow, to a cushioned easy-riding baseplate that delivers not only responsiveness but also absorbs harsh landings. Chuck in HEAD’s hassle-free and comfy straps and the NX THREE is the perfect binding for all day comfortable fun on the hill.


Maten:S (22.5-24.5), M (25.0-27.0), L (27.5-29.0), XL (29.5-31.5)
Flex index:5


  • The Auto-Open Total system allows easy entry without the hassle of kicking open or treading on straps. Both the toe and ankle straps automatically fold out from the baseplate for easy access in all conditions.
  • Flex Index 5
    forgiving & comfortable flex for adults
  • PT Strap
    The Power Transmission Strap delivers support as well as supreme cushioning and flexibility. Our improved core material has allowed the strap to be thinner yet still provide better support. Additionally, the binding’s ladder straps ratchet into a housing to avoid snagging.
  • Dampiflex
    Dampiflex improves power-transmission by enabling a more natural flex pattern of the board, and absorbs shock.
  • Glass Reinforced Base 45 %
    Glass Reinforced Base 45% provides enhanced rigidity and power transmission. It is HEAD’s stiffest binding base.
  • Smooth Cover Toe Strap
    The Smooth Cover Toe Strap is designed for supreme comfort and enhanced power transmission. It features an injected frame and seriously comfortable padding.
  • Softback
    The Softback is Head’s evolution of nobacking; a supple Polyurethane highback delivers the surfy freedom of nobacking but with the support of a highback.
  • Adjustable Toe Ramps
    The Adjustable Toe Ramp can be customized to fit any boot with a single screw and channel.

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