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Graphene Touch Alpha Elite

Graphene Touch Alpha Elite

€  200,00

Incl. BTW, plus verzendkosten

levertijd 2 werkdagen
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De Alpha Elite, de zachtste versie van de nieuwe serie Head padel-rackets, is uiterst comfortabel en hanteerbaar. Ontworpen met Graphene 360 in het frame en glasvezel op het oppervlak, zijn aanraking en comfort ongeëvenaard. Als dat niet genoeg is, is het gebouwd met Smart Bridge-technologie en CHIP-technologie, beide resulteren in een grotere sweet spot. Een minutieus ontwerp rondt dit fantastische model af. Probeer het en geniet van het comfort en de kracht!


Gewicht:370 g / 13.1 oz
Bladgrootte:465 cm² / 72 in²
Balans:265 mm / 1.5 in HH
Dikte frame:38 mm / 1.5 in


  • This unique polymeric material has allowed HEAD to create a bumper that ensures ultimate racquet protection. Positioned over the IBS2 this special foil not only guarantees higher durability but also ensures enhanced scratch resistance.
  • New softer combination of frame construction and foam for better comfort and a larger sweet spot.
  • POWER FOAM: is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed your ball will reach will surprise your opponents as much as yourself.
  • Graphene 360 forms the structural base of the racquet, strategically positioned in the shaft and extending into the racquet head. It strengthens the frame, providing greater stability and optimized energy transfer from racquet to ball - maximizing the power of your game.
  • The identity of every racquet is unique; some are characterized by control and precision, others by power or effect. For this, HEAD has developed the Optimized Sweet Spot in order to adapt every drilling pattern to the particularities of each racquet.
  • Every single racquets has its own DNA. Some will feature control and precision, other power or comfort. For this reason, HEAD has developed the Smart Bridge to adapt the bridge area to the needs of each racquet.

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