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16 pozycji


    There's a new way to play with better touch, precision and comfort.
    Experience the same sensation as wearing a glove with the racquet of the WPT world no. 3 player, Sanyo Gutiérrez.

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    1 099,00 zł
  2. Graphene Touch Delta Pro

    If you are looking to smash the ball into three, this is your racquet! Its aerodynamic shape, balance in the head and rough surface, makes this racquet the most powerful of the collection.

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  3. Graphene Touch Delta Motion

    The racquet of "Ale" Salazar has a larger sweet spot and a unique look. It provides maximum power thanks to Extreme Spin and Graphene Touch so girls can also smash the ball in three.

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    The softest version of the Alpha series with GrapheneXT in the frame and a more flexible, fiberglass face for an unparalleled touch and feel.

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    799,00 zł
  5. Graphene Touch Delta Elite

    Experience maximum power and unique touch like never before with the softer version of Bela's racquet, thanks to a bigger sweetspot and the fiberglass surface.

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  6. Graphene XT Zephyr UL

    Weighing just 340 grams, the new Zephyr Ultralight is the lightest version of the famous Zephyr. Comfort and ease of play with an exclusive design.

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  7. Graphene XT Zephyr Pro

    The new Zephyr pro is the new version with extra weight for passionate of comfort and precision. Who did say that the Zephy was exclusively for women?

    Dowiedz się więcej
  8. Graphene XT Zephyr

    A diamond in the rough! This precious racquet is hugely popular due to its lightness and power and now has Graphene XT in the frame for even more power.

    Dowiedz się więcej

    The perfect racquet for padel beginners is here! A model which has the same look as the Bela racquet, it plays a simple and soft game.

    Dowiedz się więcej
  10. Flash Pro

    Maximum power at a great price. With the new Flash PRO and its soft power foam rubber, you will enjoy playing with it on court.

    Dowiedz się więcej
  11. Flash

    Maximum power from a low cost racquet. With the novel soft rubber Flash you will improve your game whilst smashing your opponent.

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  12. Flash Women

    Maximum power from a low cost racquet with the Flash Women. A racquet with feminine aesthetic that is both manageable and flexible for guaranteed fun.

    Dowiedz się więcej
  13. Delta Bela Junior

    If you are junior and want to play like Bela, then get the Delta Jr. Go and hit the ball like the best padel player of all time.

    Dowiedz się więcej
  14. Delta Ale Junior

    If you are junior and want to play like Ale, then get the Delta Jr. Ale and hit the ball as hard as her.

    Dowiedz się więcej
  15. Bela Kids

    This shorter, extra light racquet and with a longer grip to accommodate both hands, it's the perfect model for young players. Ideal for a young “Bela”.

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  16. Ale Kids

    This racquet is the perfect size for young padel players. Shorter and lighter, it easily adapts to the game. For a young “Ale” fighter.

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16 pozycji

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