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19 pozycji

  1. Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimbody

    The light Graphene 360 Speed 120 Slimdbody is fast and powerful. It also comes with a slimbody shape for ultimate ball control even close to the wall.

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  2. Graphene 360 Speed 135 Slimbody

    Slightly heavier than the 120 version, the Graphene 360 Speed 135 Slimbody is just as fast and powerful. Its slimbody shape offers ultimate ball control even close to the wall.

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  3. Graphene 360 Speed 120

    Recommended by Saurav Ghosal, the Graphene 360 Speed 120 is perfect for the power player who needs more control.

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  4. Graphene 360 Speed 135

    The heaviest of the Speed power silo, the Graphene 360 Speed 135 is the perfect choice for the powerful back court player.

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  5. Graphene Touch Radical 135

    GRAPHENE TOUCH RADICAL 135 to kontrola i precyzja dla zaawansowanego zawodnika grającego z przodu kortu.

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    580,00 zł
  6. Graphene Touch Radical 145
  7. Graphene Touch Radical 120 SB

    Lekka GRAPHENE TOUCH RADICAL 120 SLIMBODY gwarantuje niewiarygodną dokładność dla wszystkich wszechstronnych zawodników.

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    650,00 zł
  8. Graphene Touch Radical 135 SB

    Polecana przez Omara Mosaada, rakieta GRAPHENETOUCH RADICAL 135 SLIMBOD to wyjątkowa kontrola i manewrowość, której szukają wszyscy zaawansowani zawodnicy.

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    620,00 zł
  9. EXTREME 120

    The EXTREME 120 provides stable power to front court club players.

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  10. EXTREME 135

    The EXTREME 135 with its even balance is an all-rounder perfect for the power club player.

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  11. EXTREME 145

    The heaviest of the EXTREME series, the 145 model is the perfect racquet for inexperienced club players.

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    Perfect for the recreational allround player, the CYBER TOUR and its unique teardrop shape provides additional power.

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    250,00 zł

    The CYBER PRO features a classic heart shape as well as a heavier weight and provides more control and power to the recreational player.

    Dowiedz się więcej
    220,00 zł

    The CYBER ELITE is heavier than its SPARK brothers and makes it easier to handle for beginners and recreational players.

    Dowiedz się więcej
    190,00 zł

    The heaviest of the CYBER series is called EDGE and is the perfect choice for beginners.

    Dowiedz się więcej
    150,00 zł

    The perfect starters kit: the SPARK ELITE PACK is a great purchase for beginners.

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    Slightly heavier than the ELITE, the SPARK TEAM PACK is the perfect starter kit for the absolute beginner.

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  18. Radical Ti.Junior

    RADICAL TI. JUNIOR to idealna rakieta młodych lub początkujących zawodników, którzy za cel stawiają sobie kontrolę swojej gry.

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    140,00 zł

    EXTREME JUNIOR to idealna rakieta dla juniorów, poszukujących większej mocy w grze.

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19 pozycji

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