Shunta Akagawa HEAD Athletes

Shunta Akagawa


Living at: Niigata Prefecture

Why this is the place to be? It just snows very much there.

Snowboarding since: 1999

Sponsors: HEAD snowboards, Billabong, vonzipper, skid, iceGUARD (YOKOHAMA tire)

Who are you usually shredding with? Most of the time alone

Craziest place ever been? Hokaido

Favourite Mountain? Mt myoko

What was the best thing that happened to you? That I was promoted to pro snowborder

What are you doing besides Snowboarding? I love to go fishing

Three things you could never live without: Mobile phone, Natto (sticky beans), TV

If you would have to cook for somebody, what would it be? I'm pretty good at making Sushi

If you could spend one day in a different body, what body would it be? I would love to be a bird

What music are you listening while shredding? J-Pop

One Album you feel really ashamed that you've bought it: It is specially made

Why does everybody love HEAD? Because it is very smart