The all new DCT 2.0 Shape

The new hybrid construction DCT 2.0 is called "Autopilot" for a reason. The board has
four added contact points with the snow, paired with a longer effective backside edge.
This assures a perfect position, resulting in optimized control in all conditions, which
makes carving as easy ground tricks on groomed runs.

Extraordinary carving performance


Thanks to the asymmetric shape with stance optimized contact
points, carving is easier than ever.



HEAD DCT 2.0 CarvingHEAD DCT 2.0 Carving
HEAD DCT 2.0 Snowboard FlexibilityHEAD DCT 2.0 Snowboard Flexibility

Supreme torsional flexibility


Boards featuring DCT 2.0 have a narrow waist, allowing for a playful
torsional flex without sacrificing stability and performance. 

Playful ground tricks


LYT TECH reduces the weight in tip & tail, reducing fatigue and
increasing agility of the board for simply more fun on snow.

HEAD DCT 2.0 Snowboard TricksHEAD DCT 2.0 Snowboard Tricks

DCT vs. DCT 2.0

It's like tuning your ride.

SCT vs DCT2.0 GraphicSCT vs DCT2.0 Graphic