Kore Collection 22/23

Concentrate on the essentials. This is the creed of our KORE Line. We work together with our freeride athletes Blake Marshall, Abel Moga and Meredith Eades to create the perfect gear for your next freeride adventure. 

Kore AccessoriesKore Accessories


The focus: absolute lightness, reliable protection from the elements and unique wearing comfort. Check out the latest styles Abel Moga and Blake Marshall have been sporting on the Freeride World Tour!

Kore SkierKore Skier

Meet our Sportswear Athletes

Blake MarshallBlake Marshall

Jess Hotter

Blake MarshallBlake Marshall

Blake Marshall

Abel MogaAbel Moga

Abel Moga

Kore SkiersKore Skiers

“THE KORE JACKET works well in freeride as it gives you freedom to move.
Also super light and waterproof to help you through winter.“ 

Blake Marshall

“I love my outerwear kit in yellow. It’s comfortable and everyone is able to easily find me!“

Meredith Eades


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