Introducing graphene touch
for improved shock absorption
and unparalleled feel.


HEAD Graphene


For a solid, dampened feely

Hear the difference

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HEAD started to re-engineer Graphene, the world's strongest yet lightest material, and added a unique shock-absorbing material to the frame construction. The result is less shock thanks to faster vibration reduction after ball impact an unparalleled touch providing even more wow moments.

HEAD Tennis

POWER NEVER FELT SO GOOD. You have come to expect excellence with each generation of the HEAD Graphene technology. Now experience the perfect combination of power and comfort with Graphene Touch.

HEAD Graphene

Graphene – Winning technology!

Since the introducing of the technology in 2013, players with HEAD Graphene and Graphene XT Racquets have won a staggerung number of prestigious torunaments.

HEAD Pro Players may play with different racquets than the model shown