Sam Kuch – best skier in the world?

It does appear as some skiers have a special deal with the universe. A relation with gravity based on a different set of rules than the rest of us. Is this why Sam Kuch floated up to the freeriding stratosphere on a star-studded wagon? Or is he just a damn good skier. Maybe the best?

Obviously, we’re bias in this but we’re not alone in our assessment. Sam went from “Discovery of the year” at IF3 Festival to “Best Male Performance” at the Powder Awards in the last three seasons. He’s been filming with Matchstick Productions since 2019 and they also raised the question when posting a best of compilation on YouTube at the end of January 2021, stating:

“In just two years of skiing with Matchstick Productions Sam Kuch has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the big mountain arena. Is he the best skier in the world? Hard telling ... Sam sure does make a strong case.”

Since those early days of skiing the endless “slackcountry” around Whitewater with his buddies, Sam has catapulted himself right to the top shelf of the freeriding world, without changing his humble manner. And with his effortlessness, even in the biggest of terrains and trickiest of situations, his boldness, catlike moves and natural flow he’ll keep climbing. And if there is not another shelf above him to reach, he’ll build one himself.

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Sam Kuch grew up in Nelson, a small town smack in the middle of British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by the Kootenay mountains. Although the closest resort, Whitewater, lies at the end of the road, only have three chairlifts and no park, he managed to become one of the most technical big mountain skiers of our time. We have to thank the local gravel pit (where the young guns from Nelson built their own jumps) and a mother with background in gymnastics who bought her boys a trampoline and gave them the aerial ground course for that.

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“I ski the Kore on everything from the deepest backcountry days, to tracked out runs at the resort. The light weight of the skis, along with the flex and pop, results in a ski that really inspires confidence. You say jump, the ski says, 'how high?'. "

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