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Effortless Skiing

There are limits to what you can do on a conventional ski, but, the new V-SHAPE is anything but conventional. V-SHAPE takes a good skier and makes them even better thanks to it’s flattering taper ratio coupled with innovative LYT-Tech. Ski more, with less effort.


HEAD Gravity – a new force in the game

Skiing has never been so easy

Effortless control. It’s an amazing experience when you’re carving on V-SHAPE. Check it out, here.


It’s all about perfect steering and carvability. If you’re already a good skier, V-SHAPE just enhances and refines that skill. V-SHAPE loves skiers and skiers love V-SHAPE.

HEAD Ski V-Shape CarvabilityHEAD Ski V-Shape Carvability


The V-SHAPE philosophy is to take space-age materials like Graphene and combine it with a super-lightweight carbon and karuba wood core, fully embedded throughout the length of the ski. V-SHAPE is strong. V-SHAPE is also very durable.


The other part of the V-SHAPE philosophy is to shape the ski with a unique weight distribution and balance. This design makes the tip and tail thicker, the middle section is thinner and the overall effect is to give you incredible, effortless control.

Sophisticated and simple to use skis

You get superb performance from everything we make. It’s part of everything we do, no matter where it is in our product range.



HEAD Lyttecgh technologyHEAD Lyttecgh technology


A unique combination of Graphene, super-light carbon and kuraba wood in the core gives the perfect balance of density, durability and weight.

HEAD Ski Era 3.0HEAD Ski Era 3.0

ERA 3.0

This is a combination of technologies, shape and geometry designed to achieve effortless handling, better control and instant grip.

HEAD Graphene TechnologyHEAD Graphene Technology


It’s the wonder material of our age. Super-light but super-strong, it gives incredible performance properties to the entire V-Shaperange.

The HEAD Performance collection

From superbly designed backpacks to high-performance bindings, complete the look with our exciting Performance Collection.


Winter Collection

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