I. General

1. HEAD HUNTED PADEL TEAM is a competition for amateur padel players organized by HEAD Sport GmbH, Wuhrkopfweg 1, 6921 Kennelbach, Austria ("HEAD"). The application is open from August the 14th, 2023 until September the 22nd, 2023 (“Competition” or “Sweepstake”).

2. The Competition is public and HEAD will also issue public reports on it. 

Unless provided otherwise herein this Competition is free of charge and is only subject to the present Terms & Conditions (“T&C”) and to all applicable laws and regulations.

By entering and participating in the Competition you (“Participant”) agree to be bound by these T&C and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements below. If you do not agree to these T&C, you may not participate in the Competition.

II. Application and participation

1. The application is open from August the 14th, 9:00 am 2023, until September the 22nd, 23:59 pm 2022 (“Term”).

2. In order to participate you need to reside in the Stockholm County, Sweden. People from other places cannot participate. Experience of padel is of merit, but we are mainly looking for people with the drive to develop and improve. You should have both a high level of ambition and time to invest in it.

Subject to the above, everyone above the age of 16, who is not excluded from the Competition according to clause II./3 of these T&C, may participate in the Competition. If we find out that a minor under the age of 16 has registered for the Competition, we will promptly delete all data submitted to us and no longer consider the application for the Competition.

3. The following people are excluded from participation in the Competition:
a) HEAD employees and their families, and the employees and families of partners of HEAD, who are involved with the design, organization and implementation of this Competition.
b) Applicants with existing sponsorship agreements in, especially, but not limited to, the sports sector and/or sectors closely related to sports.

4. The application (“Application”) must be carried out as follows:
a) The registration form must be completed via lead ads on Facebook, Instagram or the website https://www.head.com/en_SE/head-hunted-padel-team (“Website”) where the Participant enters all necessary information (e.g. first and last name, e-mail, phone number, age, height, experience level and motivation);
b) Explain in your own words why you should join the HEAD Hunted Padel Team.
c) Tick the checkbox that you accept these T&C and consent to receive our newsletter.

Please note that if you are already receiving our newsletter, you can still participate in the Competition.

5. Participants may only enter the Competition once (from a single Facebook or Instagram account, with a single email address). Even if Participants enter more than once, they will only be given a single participation in this Competition. This Competition is not linked to Facebook or Instagram and is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated in any way to Facebook or Instagram. The use of Facebook and Instagram is subject to Facebook and Instagram’s terms and conditions (for details please see https://www.facebook.com/policies_center/, https://help.instagram.com/). HEAD disclaims any liability should Participant fail to comply with the terms and conditions of Facebook or Instagram or these T&C.

6. The decisions of HEAD are binding in all aspects of the Competition. In the event of non-participation (also due to illness of the Participant), there shall be no right to claim reimbursement of any costs incurred (e.g. travel expenses) or for payment of a prize in cash. Cancellation of the Competition due to force majeure or due to official orders, for safety reasons, legal reasons or other reasons cannot be attributed to HEAD.

7. HEAD does not accept any liability for errors in the submission and transmission of submissions. HEAD does not accept any responsibility for registrations that are lost, arrive late, are illegible, incomplete, damaged, or invalid in any other way. 

8. The Competition will be run at HEAD´s sole discretion. HEAD’s decision in relation to all matters in connection with the Competition is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

9. The recourse of the courts is excluded.

III. Procedure of the Competition and selection of HEAD Hunted Padel Team Members

1. Applications that meet the requirements described in these T&C will be sent to a panel of HEAD jury members (“Jury”) for evaluation.

2. Selection of HEAD Hunted Padel Team Members

The panel of HEAD jury members will meet between 23rd of September 2023 and the 25th of January 2023 and assess the Applications submitted to them and select between 12-32 contestants for the “Show and Play” tournament on October 1st 2023 (“Contestants”) Head reserves the right to determine the exact number of Contestants, including the right to admit fewer than 12 or more than 32 Contestants, based on the quantity and quality of the applications.
The selection of the Contestants will be based on the following criteria:

• Athletic talent of the Participant (15%)
• Technical ability (15%)
• Potential and development opportunities of the Participant (30%)
• Existing activity of the Participant on social networks (20%)
• Personality, temperament and determination of the Participant (20%)

HEAD will not publish the individual ratings or provide specific information. HEAD’s decision is final. HEAD will inform the Participants by email if they have been selected as Contestants for the “Show and Play” tournament no later than 26th of September 2023. The winners of the “Show and Play” tournament will be selected by the Jury based on the criteria above + performance during the Show & Play. Furthermore, HEAD reserves the right to publish the name, nickname or social media name of the HEAD Hunted Padel Team Members (e.g. on HEAD’s websites, social media channels, print-media etc.) provided that they have given HEAD their explicit consent to do so.

IV. Prizes and reimbursement of costs

1. There will be 8 winners, who will each upon acceptance of the prize
a) Receive a head-to-toe padel outfit worth approximately 10,000 SEK and become a HEAD Hunted Padel Team Member for one season (from 16st of October 2023 to 16th of March 2024). In addition, all HEAD Hunted Padel Team Members will have access to a 2-day training camp and padel courses for weekly training, both coach-led and individual, and tournament participation (“Prize”).
The dates for the day training camp are set by HEAD and there is no right to postponement or replacement in case of a winner's inability to participate. The training program consists of one on-court training session with a coach and one without a coach per week plus an individual training program for strength and endurance. All on-course training sessions will take place at Ledap Stockholm, Sollentunaholmsvägen 13, Rotebro. A minimum of two tournaments is also included in the program.
b) Once Participant has accepted the Prize (“Winner/s” or “HEAD Hunted Padel Team Member/s”), HEAD will deliver it to the Winners by the first team gathering. HEAD bears the delivery cost of the Prize.

2. HEAD will cover the following expenses:
a) Two-day training camp including one meal per day, snacks/drinks and the cost of courses and coaches for padel, physical and mental strength throughout the entire program, plus Tournament entry fees.

All other costs and expenses that are not listed here, such as individual travel or accommodation in connection to the training camp, regular training and Tournaments, taxes, fees or other personal expenses must be covered by the Winners themselves.

Winners cannot transfer, change or refund their Prizes or substitute another person in their place.

In case of contravention of the law or against good morals or if the T&C are breached, the Participant/HEAD Hunted Team Member could risk being excluded from the Competition with immediate effect. This also applies if unauthorised means are used or attempts are made to increase the chances of winning through manipulation or to gain other unjustified advantages. If prizes were won by unfair means, they can be reclaimed retrospectively. In such a case, HEAD reserves the right to assert claims for damages. Recourse to legal action is excluded.

3. Participation in the Competition is free with the exception of those expenses and costs that are not covered by HEAD (see Point IV. 2)

V. Image rights

Provided that the Participant has explicitly given consent to such use, photographs and video recordings taken in the context of the Competition may be produced, processed and used, in particular for the purposes of the Competition and the press and public relations work of HEAD and the organisers of the Competition. These photos and video recordings may also be published online (e.g. social media, Internet, email), offline (e.g. print, recorded image) and in other media (e.g. television) for the purposes of advertising, communication and documentation of the Competition.

The Participant can revoke the consent at any time for the future by contacting Head at privacy@head.com.

VI. Image rights

For further information and details regarding data processing, in particular in connection with competitions and newsletters, please see our Privacy Policy https://www.head.com/legal-notice.

Participants acknowledge that their personal data will be processed by HEAD (Controller) for the purpose of organizing and conducting the Competition (e.g. to contact Contestants and Winners) as well as for the subscription to our newsletter and its distribution as described in detail in clauses II and III of these T&C and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You can withdraw your consent to receive the newsletter, for example, via the “Unsubscribe” button within the e-mail newsletter, at any time. Please note that unsubscribing does not affect your participation in the Competition or your chances to win.

2. This data might also be transmitted to official partners inside and outside of the European Union to support the performance of the Competition (e.g. carrier for delivery of Prize, other members of the HEAD group for administrative purposes). If the personal data is processed in a country that does not have a recognized level of data protection such as the European Union, we will use contractual or other recognized means to ensure that such personal data is properly protected.

3. As long as Participants are still subscribed to our newsletter, their personal data will not be deleted. If Participants unsubscribe from our newsletter, we will delete or anonymize their personal data after the following period:
- Participants and Contestants: six months after the end of the Competition,
- Winners: seven years after the end of the calendar year, in which the Prize was awarded or consumed (whichever is later),
- In any case: if applicable until the expiry of the guarantee, warranty, limitation and statutory retention periods valid for us and/or beyond this until the ending of any legal disputes in which the data are required as evidence.

4. Participants have the right to information over their personal data stored, deletion and correction of the data saved concerning their person, withdraw their consent to processing of their personal data, data portability, object to processing of their personal data, to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. To exercise any of those rights Participants may send an inquiry to privacy@head.com indicating which right they are referring to.

VII. Liability and Warranty

1. Participants are herewith informed that for the Prize the same warranty and operational provisions will be applicable as for products sold by retailers. Thus, HEAD shall not be liable for anything additionally.

2. HEAD does not assume any liability for technical disruptions within the scope of participation in the Competition and its implementation.

3. If HEAD makes any changes to the implementation of the Competition or has to cancel said Competition for good cause, HEAD shall not be liable for compensation claims with respect to the Participant for wasted expenses of any kind.

4. To the extent permitted by law, HEAD shall not be liable for any damages or physical injuries suffered by Participants or Winners in connection with their participation in this Competition (including, but not limited to, participation in the “Show and Play” tournament, the Tournament, attendance at padel classes or training camps).

5. To the extent permitted by law. the Participants undertake to make no legal claims or demands on HEAD, its legal representatives or agents that go beyond claims from legally required liability insurance.

VIII. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

1. These T&C are exclusively subject to the laws of the Republic of Austria, provided this does not contravene any compulsory legislation.

2. Any legal issues that arise in connection with the performance of and participation in this Competition will exclusively be dealt with by the relevant courts in the place of jurisdiction of the HEAD headquarters, provided this does not contravene any compulsory legislation. HEAD may however also elect to apply to the courts of the residence of the Participant/Contestant/Winner.

3. If any clauses of these T&C should prove wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses will not be affected.