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INDIGO stands for a bond with nature combined with passion for the sport we love. Originally, one of the
oldest pigments known to humankind, signifying something timeless and precious, like the untamed mountains where we ski.

Indigo SkiIndigo Ski


Handcrafted in Germany and Austria, our skis are tested in mountains all over the world. Made from only the finest materials.

Indigo Sun GlassesIndigo Sun Glasses


Offering high fashion and ultimate performance for in the mountains, on the beach or in the city. Much more than protection - they’re a statement.

Indigo GogglesIndigo Goggles


Innovative, stylish ski and sports eyewear for piste and cross-country skiing. We use state-of-the-art technology to create goggles for all-weather conditions.

Indigo VogglesIndigo Voggles


In a world first, INDIGO combines the best features of a visor and snow goggles to create a completely new category in the field of eyewear, the revolutionary VOGGLE

Indigo HelmetsIndigo Helmets


Winter sports is becoming faster so helmets are crucial. Our ski helmets have the highest aesthetics, are technically innovative and fit perfectly.

Indigo PolesIndigo Poles


We consider our ski poles to be the very finest on the market. Our premium ski bag has enough space for two pairs of skis and is also suitable for air travel. Whichever accessory you desire, you can rely on the quality and performance.


In ancient Egypt, only one boat had a purple-dyed sail. It belonged to a Pharaoh and was a powerful sign to other boats to move aside and let the god-king pass. Indigo is a precious and difficult to procure pigment and is the inspiration for our brand. For the past thirty-five years, we at INDIGO have been committed to sourcing, designing and building only the very best possible. Pick up anything we make, look closely, and instantly experience why INDIGO is the finest skiing equipment on the planet.

Indigo GalleryIndigo Gallery

INDIGO is Part of the HEAD Brand Family

INDIGO is part of the HEAD group, with full access to a global distribution network of over 80 countries with important markets in the USA and Asia. As part of the group we strive for a strong digital presence to give ease of access to our customers wherever they are. We have an ethos of delivering high-performance, high quality sporting products and apparel to the discerning consumer who is looking for only the very best.