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Expert Reviews of the HEAD GRAVITY 2023

"Phenomenal," said one expert racquet reviewer. "Amazing," another observed. "Super lovely and super fun to play with," a third noted. 

Reviews of the upgraded GRAVITY series for 2023 have been overwhelmingly positive, with the play-testers appreciating the introduction of innovative Auxetic technology, which offers sensational impact feel and enhanced playability. Designed for aggressive next generation players looking to dominate any court, the GRAVITY series has an enormous sweetspot and has also been refreshed with a new, ultra-modern and asymmetric look. The HEAD GRAVITY 2023 is now available on

Reviewers played with the GRAVITY MP 2023, the GRAVITY TOUR 2023 and the GRAVITY PRO 2023


“An excellent update,” the reviewer observed of the GRAVITY MP 2023, adding that the introduction of the Auxetic technology had brought about “a true improvement”.

Significantly better in some areas, and also looks much better. If you're a GRAVITY fan, and you like a control racquet with a good sweetspot and nice stability, and more of a modern racquet, you should definitely check it out. It's an improvement in cosmetics but also in playability. The racquet feels softer yet more stable. One of the outstanding features on the GRAVITY series is the serve. For a control racquet, the serve is excellent. The sweetspot is a selling point. If you play a lot of doubles, you will notice the sweetspot at net.”

The GRAVITY MP 2023 has “a plusher feel”, with the reviewer noting: “I really enjoyed playing with the MP this time around.”  

After play-testing the GRAVITY PRO 2023, the reviewer called it “a beautiful control racquet”: "For advanced players, this is the choice as you get great control.” He noted that the GRAVITY TOUR 2023 was his “favourite”, saying it was “perfect for intermediate to advanced players”.

Rackets and Runners

“A phenomenal racquet,” the reviewer said of the GRAVITY MP 2023.

“The introduction of Auxetic makes the sweetspot a bit bigger and quite a bit more forgiving, which makes the whole racquet more stable. This feels softer than previous versions. Auxetic softens it up without taking away any connection to the ball. You really feel the ball sink into the string bed,” he added. “When I'm hitting hard from the baseline with a GRAVITY, I never feel as though I'm sacrificing on precision and control. That's the magic behind these racquets. It almost feels like you're cheating. It's a little bit more forgiving but you don't feel as though you're sacrificing any control. It has better feel and stability than the old version - it takes all the control of the previous one and improves it a little bit.”

The GRAVITY MP 2023 offers additional power, according to the reviewer. “The power has gone up. The sweetspot has got a bit bigger which inherently makes the racquet more powerful. As the graphite snaps back into place like a trampoline, there's more zing on the ball. I'm impressed.”

“Pretty much anyone” would enjoy playing with the GRAVITY MP 2023. “It was already a fantastic racquet and has basically improved on every metric. It could even work for intermediate players. It's light. But it's a racquet you can grow into and tap into the advanced playability characteristics as you get better. For advanced players, this racquet could also work as well.”

Tennis Express

“I love the new cosmetic,” one reviewer said of the GRAVITY MP 2023.

“The racquet remains very comfortable. There's a huge sweetspot for extra forgiveness. I love the feel of the GRAVITY, especially when I line up a big groundstroke. The ball feels like it explodes off the strings and there's still comfortable flex. I love the sound you get on impact with the GRAVITY MP. One of my favourite things is that you can generate a flatter shot, get in early and get your opponent in trouble, and you can also hang back behind the baseline, hit with spin and try to get the ball up away from your opponent's strike zone. It's a really versatile frame, especially from the back of the court.”

Another reviewer observed that the GRAVITY MP 2023 was “super lovely and super fun to play with”. “I really enjoyed it. I had the power I wanted on my forehand and similar on my backhand. Serving with this racquet was amazing for me. This racquet would benefit advanced players who are looking for something precise, compact and smooth, with an all-round great feel to it.”  

Tennis Warehouse

"I really connected to this racquet and enjoyed how it played,” one reviewer said of the GRAVITY PRO 2023. “The Auxetic technology makes it feel even more solid. I felt really connected to my shots. On my returns, I felt able to go big and appreciated the precision and control. The feel was amazing... but the racquet still felt very stable. There was tonnes of feel and it was awesome and on serve it was great. It was a great hitting experience.”

Another reviewer spoke of “a great play test”. "This racquet feels a little plusher without sacrificing any kind of energy return or power. A great versatile all-court racquet.”  

You’ve heard what the experts have to say. Now it’s your turn to play with the HEAD GRAVITY 2023 series. Find the GRAVITY racquet that best suits your level at

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